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Best Anti Slip Mats to look for in 2023: Australia

The expert lowdown on protecting Australians from slips, trips, and falls next year and beyond.

If you’re looking to reduce slips, trips, and falls, you’re in the right place. Mats keep your floors clean and dry without any effort from the people walking over them. But, there are a lot of options on the market.

As always, we are offering the best advice we can. And with 30 years combined experience, we’re confident that our advice is useful. So, here are our insights into what will make the best anti slip mats in 2023.


The 2 types of non slip mat

To know which type of mat is best for you, you need to understand what makes a mat non slip. There are 2 types of non slip mats: mats with a non slip backing and mats fitted into a mat well. These are called loose-laid and recessed mats, respectively.

We recommend both loose-laid and recessed mats for a variety of applications. So, you can also check out this article for guidance on whether your entrance mat should be recessed. Here are pros and cons for each type of mat:

Mats with a non slip backing

Non slip backing is usually made from rubber, but the design of some PVC mats means they provide traction too.

  • Versatile: you can incorporate any other mat features you need. You might want a carpet-surfaced mat to keep inside spaces clean, or to brand your logo on the surface of your mat.
  • Easy to install: you do not need to install your rubber-backed entrance mat. Just lay it on the floor and it will immediately start protecting your people.
  • Easy to clean: a loose-laid mat is easy to pick up, shake off, vacuum and even wash with detergent.
  • Less slip-resistant: we do not recommend this option for very high-traffic areas. Although non slip backing reduces slips, trips, and falls, these mats may still move slightly under high footfall.
  • A potential trip hazard: Loose laid mats sit on top of the floor, so can become a trip hazard if people are not looking where they walk. This is particularly important for thicker mats.

Recessed mats

A recessed non slip mat is one that’s fitted into a mat well. These are most often found in high-traffic entrances such as shopping centres, schools, and commercial buildings.

  • Highest level of slip resistance: recessed entrance mats will not move, as they are fitted into a mat well. This is ideal for high-traffic areas where slips, trips, and falls are likely.
  • Level with the floor: a mat recess should be the same height as the mat (plus any underlay) so that the mat fits perfectly level with the floor. This makes walking over its surface safe and effortless.
  • Higher capacity: the recess can hold more liquid and dirt than a loose-laid mat, as there is more space to fill. This means less frequent cleaning is needed.
  • Difficult to clean: recessed non slip mats can’t be picked up and shaken off, so they are a little harder to clean than others. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from a dry mat, and avoid using recessed carpet matting in wet areas.
  • Difficult to install: If you want a mat you can unpack and go, don’t choose the recessed option. Most customers need a professional to install their entrance mat.


The best anti slip mats in 2023

Now that you know the pros and cons of the different non slip mats, you might have some idea of which type is best for you. To help make your decision easier, here are the best mats for some of the applications our customers use anti slip matting for.

  1. Best anti slip mat for inside entrances

The best non slip door mat for inside areas is one with a rubber backing and a carpeted surface. Rubber offers the slip resistance that everyone needs, but the carpet surface dries shoes and keeps floors dry.

Wet floors are a major cause of slip accidents, so this is very important in wet environments. It is best to use indoor and outdoor entrance mats together, working as a team. The first step removes large dirt pieces and the second removes moisture and smaller particles.

Example: Nylon Twist Pile Rubber Backed Mat


  1. Best anti slip mat for outside entrances

The best non slip outdoor mat is fully rubber. Rubber matting is waterproof and very hard-wearing. A great outside mat should also scrape shoes as they pass over it, so its surface will be

You should assume an outside entrance mat will get wet, so it needs a water drainage system. This might be drainage holes or channels, but anything that prevents water from pooling on the mat’s surface is ideal.

Example: Rubber Outdoor Scraper Mat


  1. Best anti slip mat for offices

The best non slip desk mats need similar features to inside non slip mats. They should be low profile to reduce their chance of causing trip accidents and should be easy to clean.

You might also want your non slip desk mat to offer anti fatigue properties, as many offices now have sit-stand (or permanently standing) desks. Protecting workers from discomfort and pain is just as important as protecting them from slips, trips, and falls.

Example: High Traction Low Profile Anti Slip Mat


  1. Best non slip kitchen mats

Kitchen mats are mostly used in large commercial kitchens, but some customers want them for their homes too. The most important feature of a non slip kitchen mat is that it’s resistant to grease, oil and anything else that it might contact.

Rubber is our most recommended non slip mat material, but nitrile rubber is the best for areas that frequently see oil and grease spills. Look for a mat with a high nitrile content to be sure that it will resist the oil and other liquids that are common in kitchens.

Example: Grease Resistant Rubber Safety Mat


  1. Most sustainable anti slip mat

When customers request an eco-friendly mat, we usually suggest coir. But, coir cannot be backed onto rubber, as the two materials expand at different rates when wet. There are other sustainable mat materials, though.

ECONYL, recycled rubber and recycled PVC are all great options for anyone looking to give their non slip mats the lowest environmental footprint possible. Great mat manufacturers use materials made from recycled objects, such as plastic bottles and rubber car tyres.

Example: Hex Pattern Entrance Mat


Stuck? We can help

Keeping your people safe from slips, trips, and falls is simple, and choosing your mats should be too. We hope we’ve given you enough information to make the right decision for you, but we would love feedback or suggestions on how to help you even more.

As always, our team of friendly matxperts is happy to provide more personalised advice. You can reach us on 1300 628 746 or [email protected]. Alternatively, use the chat function below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For more information on what to look for in the best non slip mat, check out this article on how they work.

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