Non Slip Tape

Non slip grip that sticks.

For areas prone to slip and fall accidents, non slip tape is a low-cost, low-effort alternative to matting. With a grit surface and a stick underside, just stick it to a clean, dry surface and instantly reduce the chance of slip and fall accidents happening in the area. The grit surface is created using hard-wearing aluminium oxide granules that are permanently bonded to the PVC tape.

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Add a non slip surface to solid surfaces

Non slip tape works by adding friction between the soles of shoes and the surface they are applied to, providing pedestrians with increased grip on the ground. Areas with smooth, solid ground can get slippery when wet, so non slip grip tape adds a layer of protection. Medium traffic areas with solid grounds such as behind bars, commercial kitchens and factory assembly lines often choose non slip tape over matting.

Yellow border for enhanced safety

Non slip grip tape comes in a subtle black or a bold yellow colour. For enhanced safety and to raise awareness of potential slip hazards, opt for the pure yellow or yellow and black stripes. Staircases, edges and ramps are some of the most common uses for non slip grit tape, but even residential areas can be made safer with a quick stick. Marine non slip deck tape is another great use for it – just make sure the surface is dry when you stick it down.

Sticks once; lasts and lasts

Non slip tape is as low-maintenance as flooring can get. Simply brush over it with a stiff brush head if it gets particularly dirty – no detergent needed. When applying, ensure the area is clean and dry, then press it down and leave it. That is all you need to do to turn a slippery, dangerous area into a safe one.