Anti Fatigue mats

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The best ergonomic standing mats: standing at work made comfortable

If you work in an office, you have probably been lectured on the benefits of standing desks multiple times. They improve your posture, keep your core engaged and remove the dreaded health complications related to sitting all day.
3 years ago
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Medical Anti Fatigue Mats: The 2021 Ultimate Guide

It’s no revelation that doctors and nurses get tired. Being on their feet all day dealing with sick people is bound to be exhausting. As well as constantly feeling like they want to take a nap, medical staff that stand all day are prone to muscle fatigue and pain.
3 years ago
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Anti Fatigue Mat Studies That Prove They Really Work

With all the new pieces of tech making all sorts of claims, it is hard not to be sceptical about what is worth your money. To confuse us more, some products that look like bargains end up being nothing more than junk.
3 years ago
A man is working at a standing desk. The blog header reads What are the Benefits of a Standing Desk Mat?

What are the benefits of a standing desk mat?

They’re something of an icon in the 21st-century corporate world, but they’ve been popular from as far back as the 1400s. Leonardo Da Vinci loved to use them and now so does much of working Australia. If you’re not sure, we’re talking standing desks.
3 years ago