Custom Size Chair Mats

The only custom size chair mats in Australia.

Sturdy, long-lasting and now custom-sized! It isn’t always a single office chair your floor needs protection from. Placing multiple chair mats side by side is clunky and substandard, but custom size mats offer floors continuous protection from chair casters. For large spaces and quirky shaped studies, give us your measurements for full coverage without compromise. Our custom size chair mats are just as high quality as the standard sizes and come with optional bevelled edges and grippers underneath as needed.

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Custom size chair mats for carpets and hard floors

Top protection for any floor, top support for any home office. For carpets, select a chair mat with grippers. For hard floors, the perfect custom size chair mat will be smooth on both sides. None of our custom chair mats will scratch or damage your floor in any way. If your carpet pile is dented, run your hand or vacuum over it and it will jump back to life.

Easy to clean, easy to set up

We deliver all our mats flat, so you don’t need to struggle with unrolling it. No plastic smell, no creases and no curling at the edges. The easiest set up for the highest quality floor protection. The sturdy structure provides perfect protection for your chair and a leather grain underneath helps it grip the floor.

Clear PVC chair mats in your custom dimensions

The clear PVC structure of our custom chair mats lets you maintain the style of your space while protecting it from damage. Designed to be inconspicuous to the eye but critical for allowing chairs to slide over their surface, bevelled edges and translucency make our super-sturdy chair mats the best in the industry.

Custom Size Chair Mats