Custom Quote


Custom Quote

Matshop is more than just a mat retailer; we’re also a mat manufacturer. This means we’re able to go above and beyond in creating mats for almost any environment or requirement. We’ve filled orders for shopping centres, gyms and airports and are ready to tackle any challenge you throw our way! We’re also able to provide after hours installation of our mats to help you get your business back into action faster.

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Bulk Orders

If you’re looking to fit out your entire gym, & shopping centre, airport or industrial kitchen, then consider bulk ordering from our factory warehouse. We offer great deals on bulk orders, including competitive shipping rates  to help your mats reach you faster.

Non-Standard Dimensions

We offer made-to-order mats in any shape or dimension you can imagine. From long runners to wide spaces and even fitting out unusual spaces or shapes, we’re able to assist you in making your mat needs a reality. We were thrilled to help Uniting Church at Martin Place create a massive welcome mat and are keen to offer the same customised experience for your business.

Custom Fit

Installation services

Installation Services

Installing mats across large areas is time consuming and fiddly, so why not let us take care of the process? Our installation services are quick, painless and free up your time to take care of more important things. We offer overnight/after hours installation so that your business isn’t affected during business hours. Speak to one of our team to see if your project qualifies for our installation services today.