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Anti Fatigue Mats Buying Guide

Anti fatigue mats are one of the most important health and safety features in any job that involves long periods of standing. The right anti fatigue matting makes standing all day more comfortable and can even prevent serious long-term health conditions.

To help you make the right choice for your home or business, here is the ultimate guide to buying anti fatigue mats.

Two feet stand on a black anti fatigue mat with a yellow border.

In this guide

1| Choosing for an area

        1.1 Wet

        1.2 Dry


2| Choosing a material

        2.1 Rubber

        2.2 Foam

        2.3 PVC


3| Sizing

        3.1 Standard sizing

        3.2 Custom sizing


4| Maintainance

5| Additional features

        5.1 Holes

        5.2 Grease and chemical resistance

        5.3 Bevelled edges

        5.4 Non slip backing


6| Product recommendations

        6.1 Standing Desks

        6.2 Commercial Kitchens

        6.3 Warehouses and Factories


7| Ordering process


A grey anti fatigue mat with a yellow safety border.

1| Choosing for an area

Choosing by area is the best way to start narrowing down your anti fatigue mat options. Your mat will need different features depending on whether your area is wet or dry. 

1.1 Wet

Wet area anti fatigue mats need to drain water, to prevent it from pooling on the surface of the mat. Pooled water can damage the mat over time and presents the immediate safety risk of slip and fall accidents.  

Mats with holes for drainage or raised lugs underneath are ideal for letting water pass through without compromising their anti fatigue abilities. 

1.2 Dry 

Dry area anti fatigue mats do not need to deal with water, so you can go for the mats that will be most comfortable. Dry area anti fatigue mats will need non slip backing if they are not recessed. 

2| Choosing by material

2.1 Rubber 

Rubber is the most common material used for anti fatigue matting because of its natural flex and durability. It also offers the additional benefit of slip protection, which is critical in most environments that need anti fatigue matting. 

2.2 Foam

Foam anti fatigue mats are made from rubber but have a softer surface than other rubber mats. The rubber foam provides the perfect balance between comfort and support, which allows your muscles to flex without causing you to lose your balance. 

2.3 PVC 

PVC anti fatigue mats are a cost-effective alternative to the ones made of rubber. They are very comfortable and extremely durable. PVC is also very easy to clean and maintain.

3| Sizing 

Depending on your application, you can choose between a range of standard sizes.

If there are no standard sizes to suit your needs, we also offer custom-sized options and entire floor fittings. Get in touch with your measurements for a custom quote or reach out to one of the team to ask about a measuring service. 

3.1 Standard sizing 

Standard sizes are as below: 

  • 57 x 85cm 
  • 58 x 85cm 
  • 60 x 85cm 
  • 60 x 90cm 
  • 61 x 120cm 
  • 90 x 90cm 
  • 85 x 145cm 
  • 90 x 120cm 
  • 85 x 150cm 
  • 90 x 150cm 
  • 85 x 290cm 
  • 108 x 169cm 
  • 1830 x 3000mm 
  • 50 x 75cm 

3.2 Custom sizing 

Custom sizing comes in the following widths: 

  • 90cm 
  • 120cm

4| Maintenance

Each style and material of anti fatigue mats requires a slightly different cleaning technique.

6| Additional features

6.1 Holes 

Holes are important to allow proper water drainage, but they can be a pain when it comes to cleaning the floor. Dirt and dust particles accumulate in the holes, which can be unpleasant to clean. We generally recommend anti fatigue mats with holes for very wet areas. 

6.2 Grease and chemical resistance 

If your anti fatigue mat will be used in a kitchen or laboratory, you will probably want the material to be grease, chemical and oil resistant. Our grease-resistant rubber safety mat with holes is perfect for commercial kitchens and food preparation areas. 

6.3 Bevelled edges 

If you are frequently passing wheeled traffic over the anti fatigue mat, you will need the edges to be slightly ramped to allow them to pass over easily. These ramps are called bevelled edges, and also reduce trip ac

cidents by removing the hard step of square edges. 

6.4 Non slip backing 

Non slip backing is essential for any anti fatigue matting that is laid loose on the floor. Any all-rubber matting will itself be non slip, but additional measures are needed for other materials. We recommend a pressure-sensitive adhesive for keeping non-rubber anti fatigue mats in place. 

You can recess anti fatigue mats but that is more a question of preference. It looks classy and does prevent slips, trips and falls but it isn’t necessary. 

7| Product recommendations

To help you choose the best anti fatigue mat for your application, here are some general recommendations. For a personalised recommendation, a custom-sized anti fatigue mat quote or information about any of our products, get in touch with the team. 

7.1 Standing Desks 

Standing desks tend to be located in offices, so need to maintain a smart business aesthetic. They also need to be ultra-comfortable. 

For standing desks in a business environment, the best option is:

Resilient Ultra High Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat  

7.2 Commercial Kitchens 

Commercial kitchens need something that can withstand grease and hot liquids without breaking down or becoming ineffective. To keep kitchen workers safe and comfortable while standing at work, anti fatigue mats should also have non slip properties. 

For commercial kitchens, the best option is: 

Grease Resistant Rubber Safety Mat with Holes 

7.3 Warehouses and Factories 

Warehouses and factories need something ultra-comfortable, but easy to manoeuvre on. Anti fatigue mats in industrial areas like these often need to allow wheeled traffic to pass overhead. 

8| Ordering process

Hopefully, this guide has helped you decide which anti fatigue mats suit your needs. To get your order started, you can contact the team directly or order online. 

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