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Over half of Australian mats are Matshop mats. We are Australia's highest-rated manufacturer and your favourite mat shop. High quality, industry-leading matting that lasts and lasts is our number 1 goal, with sustainable sourcing and unbeatable customer service following closely behind. Our dedicated team genuinely cares about customers and is always happy to go the extra's less crowded there.

Our Story

Matshop was borne from a desire to make great quality mats accessible to everyone. Australia was missing a way for the average consumer to buy mats direct from the manufacturer, so non-business customers were stuck with expensive or poor-quality products from resellers and chain suppliers. We knew that the future of retail was online, so wanted to be ready and waiting when any customer searched for a matting solution. We started in 2013 hoping to bring mats to the masses and in 2021 we are proud to be able to say that we achieved that goal. As a manufacturer and distributor, we very rarely go out of stock. That lets us offer same day despatch and a best price guarantee for 99% of our products. All this, we do with confidence as our products are supported by the longest warranty in the industry.

Our Values

Committed to Excellence
Above all else, we value our energetic culture that thrives on creating amazing customer experiences. We genuinely love disrupting the industry by delivering the best quality products in the shortest possible time. We are determined to out-shine, out-perform and out-hustle any other company.
Honest Always
We operate on a culture of ‘yes’ and are completely transparent in our operations. If you come to us with a problem we cannot solve, we will always be upfront and direct you towards the leading solution in that area. We frequently refer customers to competitors if we feel they can deliver a more effective solution.
Forever Learning
We listen to our customers to find the best solution every single time. We promise to align our goals with yours to make sure you are always happy with the end result. We have our finger on the pulse of the newest technologies to bring you the most modern, most beneficial mats out there.
Upfront and On Time
All of the above, we do within the budget and within time constraints. There will never be any hidden costs when you shop with Matshop and we will always execute our services on time. We can be sure of this because we never over-promise, so we never under-deliver.

Our History