Bar Runners

Sticky bars stop sales.

Ideally, gossip would be the only thing spilt along your bar top, but bar runner mats are there to catch everything else. Bar runners lie along the surface of a bar and act like a super-charged coasted for everyone’s beers. Spills, drips and condensation are all collected in the surface of the mat, where you can quickly rinse them throughout the day. At the end of the day, simply run them through the glasswasher and replace them to go again.

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Bar runners keep Australian’s on the schooners

If there’s one thing us Aussies hate more than warm beer, it’s spilt beer. When it’s your job to clean the surface underneath said spilt beer, bar runners start to seem more important than a fridge (almost). A bar mat collects the majority of spills and stop them from dripping all over your garnishes. You need your bar runner doing its job so your bar staff can focus on theirs – pulling pints and performing excellent customer service.

Rubber bar mats with plush surfaces

Our bar runners are waterproof, non slip and absorbent. A plush surface that is soft to touch and can be personalised with your branding, sits on a non slip rubber backing. Spills are absorbed by the absorbent surface layer, pulled to the centre of the mat and held firmly above the rubber layer.

Large bar runners for large bars

Whether your bar top is small and intimate or huge and bustling, we have the perfect runner. Bar mats for glasses that might spill, smash or shatter save hospitality businesses money, time and cleaning resources. Bar runner mats are a critical bar feature, so reach out to any of our team for help choosing the perfect set for your bar.