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A pot is steaming on a stovetop. the blog header reads The Risks and Hazards in Commercial Kitchens.

The Risks and Hazards in Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens are exposed to a number of risks and hazards - from burns, cuts, and fractures to electrocution, slips, and fatigue. Identifying and minimising the risk of injury in a commercial kitchen will keep your staff safer and happier. Is your restaurant kitchen waiting for an accident to happen?
9 years ago
A pool is shown in the background with a step ladder leading into it. The blog header reads Keeping Your Kids Safe by the Pool This Summer.

Keeping Your Kids Safe by the Pool this Summer

A swimming pool can provide years of fun and great memories for everyone in the family. Swimming also provides beneficial fitness, and teaches kids that healthy exercise can be fun. Swimming pools can also present real dangers, however. In most cases of accidental drowning, the child was out of their parent’s sight for less than five minutes.
10 years ago
A woman is using a rowing machine in a gym. The blog header reads How to Use the 3 Most Popular Exercise Machines.

How to Use the 3 Most Popular Exercise Machines

Thinking of sticking to your New Year’s resolution and actually joining the gym this time? Way to go! We’ll make sure you look like a regular from the moment you walk through those doors by outlining the proper way to use the three most popular pieces of gym equipment.
10 years ago
A nurse stands with her arms folded around a clipboard. The blog header reads Confessions of a Hospital Nurse.

Confessions of a Hospital Nurse

We’ve all been under the care of a nurse before - whether it’s in hospital or as a small child receiving an injection. They’re trustworthy and caring, always seeking out what’s best for you and looking to make the doctor’s job as easy as possible... or at least that’s what we thought!
10 years ago
A white ute is parked in an open outside area at night time. The blog header reads Top 6 Cars for Tradies.

Top 6 Cars for Tradies

Car choice comes down to what you need and what you can afford. Low interest loans make new car buying affordable, and can be exactly what you need to present the right image to prospective customers.
10 years ago
A bartender pours beer from taps. The blog header reads You Know You've Been in Hospitality too long when...

You Know You’ve Been in Hospitality Too Long When...

Hospitality can be a good way to pay the bills while you’re studying, and a great way to develop skills you’ll need for other jobs. From the boardroom to the classroom, people like to be treated as a valued guest, so hospitality training is a good skill to have.
10 years ago
Knives are held up by a magnetic strip along a wooden wall. The blog header reads Do You Know Which Knives To Use in the Kitchen.

Do You Know Which Knives to Use in the Kitchen?

Knowing which cutlery to use may be a sign of ‘good breeding’, but knowing which knife to use in the kitchen is a sign that the food you cook is going to be good. No matter which fork you use or how you hold it, your skills in the kitchen are the ones that give your food that wow factor.
10 years ago
A woman and a man are doing lunges in the gym. The blog header reads The 10 Commandments of Gym Etiquette.

The 10 Commandments of Gym Etiquette

When you first join a gym, the other gym members can seem as intimidating as the machines. Gym instructors are great at telling you how to use the machines, but they don’t always explain the ins and outs of gym etiquette.
10 years ago
A man in a suit is lying underneath a pile of cardboard boxes. The blog header reads 26 Things Not to Do at Work.

26 Things to Not Do at Work

Even the most highly developed safety systems in the world are still going to fail if you can’t get the ‘people component’ right. To err is human, so building an effective safety system means trying to eradicate human error.
10 years ago