Eco-friendly mats that aren't recycled plastic
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Eco-friendly mats that aren't recycled plastic

Up-and-coming mat materials that don't harm the planet

Working in an industry that deals with consumer goods, one of our biggest concerns here at Matshop is making sure our products contribute as little as possible to the world’s environmental crisis.

With many of our items made from rubber and plastic, keeping our business environmentally friendly instead of harmful can be quite the challenge.

Where possible, we use recycled rubber and plastics, but we have never felt like that is enough.

We are committed to producing a range of eco-friendly mats to offset the impact that our business has on the world.

Some materials have grown to relative fame, such as recycled rubber, but there are other, newer materials that are even better for the world.


We are talking about ECONYL

ECONYL is a groundbreakingly sustainable new material that is still quite unknown. It’s made from discarded nylon scraps, a revolutionary new method of recycling. The new fibres created are as high quality as virgin nylon and can be recycled an infinite number of times.

Placing their brand as the mother nature of nylon, ECONYL makes sure that new nylon is not necessary, and no nylon needs to be discarded.

ECONYL nylon is created from fibres collected from garbage dumps and the ocean, in discarded items such as:

  • Fishing nets
  • Clothes
  • Carpet fluff
  • Industrial scraps

These used items have no value on their own, which is why they are left to poison the earth and its inhabitants. By collecting and reusing these items, ECONYL remove pollution and lower the demand for brand new pollutants, breaking the disposable cycle from both sides.

The best way to let nature heal is to leave it alone. That means no more chopping down trees, no killing wildlife and no dumping rubbish.

ECONYL, like other renewable materials, can be used or reused over and over again, so more doesn’t need to be made using the Earth’s precious resources.


Coir: using every part of the plant

If we can’t avoid creating new things, then a way to be more environmentally conscious is to make sure we use the entire plant. Waste products from one industry might be gold dust to another, which is exactly how coir came about.

Coir is the fibres from the husk of a coconut, a part that is often discarded after the fruit inside and hard outer shell have been harvested. The fibres of the husk, instead of being left in a heap to biodegrade, are weaved together to create the strong rope-like material.

It is one of our favourite sustainable mat materials because coir looks amazing as well as being better for the world. The natural colour goes fantastically in a natural al-fresco or industrial style décor.


Better rubber

If you really do need a rubber mat, don’t despair. Not all rubber is made equal and some is much better for the environment than others.

Our rubber mats are made from 75% recycled rubber from car parts such as tubes, tyres and seals. We take old discarded car tyres and crumb them up into a powder that is then used to make our rubber mats.

These mats are of the highest quality and you would never know they aren’t virgin rubber. While rubber mats aren’t the best option for the world, ours are as sustainable as it gets.

The perfect mat for you and the world depends entirely on your business. So to help you choose an eco-friendly mat, here are our most sustainable options:


Mats using ECONYL

Red Carpet Runner Mat

For a look of luxury that doesn’t cost the earth, an eco-friendly red carpet is the ultimate mat. Bright red and made from ECONLY, this entrance mat has a plush surface and can be cut to fit your space perfectly.

Ultimate Building Code Compliant Absorbent Entrance Mat 2000mm wide

A smart-looking mat that works hard to stay that way, this highly absorbent mat is neutral yet sleek. The environmentally conscious will love the recycled nylon fibres and everyone in the building will love the classy functionality.

High Traffic Dual Zone Dry & Brush Designer Entrance Mat

For areas that need something heavy duty, you don’t need to choose between sustainability and style. This designer mat uses ECONYL recycled nylon, but you would never know from its soft plush surface and ultra-effective scrapers

Luxe Building Code Compliant 100% Recycled Content Entrance Mat

Entranceways that see a high footfall need something sturdy, and commercial spaces need to look smart and comply with safety standards. The luxe recycled mat has all of this and more in a sustainable scraper that saves the world from global warming and the people in it from slips, trips and falls.


Mats using coir

Printed Coir Logo Mat

If you love the natural look but you don’t want to sacrifice your personal brand, print your logo, name or anything really onto the surface of a coir logo mat. Crisp lettering in a huge choice of colours, this is the personalised mat for sustainable souls.

Coir Scraper Mat with reinforced edges 23mm thick 400 x 680mm

The original coir mat. A natural scraper with a natural look, the edges of this coir mat are reinforced to prevent the coconut fibres from shedding all over your floor. The PVC edging makes this the perfect mat for high traffic areas that are going for a natural look.

Custom Size Coir Mat 17mm Thick

If the mat before isn’t the right size for your area, create your own custom size coir mat. Any area, any size, we can make it sustainably stylish. If you need help measuring your space or working out if the coir mat is right for you, our matxperts are happy to help.


Sustainable options from us to help you make informed choices

Anyone looking for their next entrance mat to be environmentally responsible has a range of choices. If you want something sustainable, you no longer have to compromise on style or effectiveness.

If you aren’t sure which eco-friendly mat is best for your space, reach out to our team of friendly matxperts who will be happy to help.

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