Plastic Chair Mats

Ergonomic office chairs are great for your posture, but bad for your floor.

Every time your casters roll along the floor, they have the potential to damage it. For carpets, holes and tears are common offenders; for hard floors, scuffs and scratches need to be watched for. Wherever your set up and whatever your floor, plastic chair mats for office chairs are the best protection from damage. We deliver all our chair mats flat, so you don’t need to worry about unrolling, dents or cracks.

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Plastic chair mats to protect your office floors

PVC is sturdy, smooth and translucent. When you need clear plastic mats for under office chairs, there’s no material better suited. It would be counterproductive to put an unattractive mat over your smart hard floor or carpet to keep it looking good. Clear plastic chair mats protect your office floor while allowing the style of the floor to shine through.

Plastic chair roller mats for easy wheeling

As well as protecting your floors, the ramped edges and smooth surface of plastic chair mats make it easy to wheel from one side of your office to the other. Cover the entire floor or just place a standard sized mat under your chair and manoeuvre easily over and off.

Plastic mats for high chairs and office chairs

It isn’t just your home office that will benefit from a clear plastic floor protection. Place a plastic chair mat under your child’s high chair for an easy cleaning inconspicuous floor protector. Food bits, scratches, juice and dents will have no impact on your hard floors or carpets with a plastic chair mat taking the hit.

Plastic Chair Mats