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Chair Mats

Chair Mats

All Mat Shop’s standard size chair mats are delivered flat not rolled up. This means that these mats are safe, ready to use immediately and will not create a trip hazard.


The most important factor to identify when purchasing the chair mat is the floor type. Chair mats come in two main categories, chair mats for carpet floors and chair mats for hard floors.

Chair mats for carpet are manufactured by Mat Shop with small grippers under the mat to anchor the chair mat firmly in place to reduce the chance of movement when in use. These small grippers or anchors are designed to for the specific carpet type and will not damage the carpet when the mats are installed correctly.

Chair mats for hard floors are manufactured for use on and hard floor surface. This includes tiles, polished concrete, vinyl, timber or any other floor surface that is smooth, level and solid underfoot. These floor protection mats are manufactured with a smooth backing that creates a vacuum when placed down onto a clean and dry floor to hold the mat in place and reduce the chance of it sliding around on your floor.

Once you have determined the floor type that you are purchasing your chair mat for, if you have identified the floor as being a hard floor you can select the size and shape from the hard floor chair mats range here. If you have identified that your floor type is carpet, the next important factor to identify is what thickness the carpet and underlay is. We have created an easy demonstration video here.

When the carpet and underlay is measured, you can use this simple outline below to select the size and shape of that chairmat that best suits your work space.

Chairmats for carpet up to 6mm click here. These chair mats are manufactured for carpet tiles or a carpet stuck directly to the floor below that does not have underlay or padding. The industry term for this is direct stick carpet, carpet tiles or carpet squares.

Chair mats for carpet and underlay up to 12mm total thickness click here. These mats are designed for a very low pile commercial carpet that is laid onto a commercial underlay. The industry term for this carpet type is loop pile carpet, commercial carpet, carpet with airstep underlay or low pile carpet with underlay.

Chair mats for carpet and underlay up to 30mm total thickness click here. These chair mats are made to be placed on all types of carpet except for a shag pile and placed onto any type of underlay manufactured for carpets. The industry terms include, cut pile carpet, twist pile carpet, loops pile carpet, residential carpet, commercial carpet, ultra soft underlay, gold underlay, foam underlay

The heavy duty chair mats from Matshop are covered by a 4 year warranty against cracking, they are also made from pure materials that are twice extruded to remove any additional impurities making them the safest and most eco friendly chair mat.

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