Coir Matting

Coir Entrance Matting Natures Own Scraper From Coconut Fibres

Coir matting is manufactured on a roll so that it can be easily be cut to length and width. The durable rubberised backing holds the coco fibres in place while the cut pile offers a premium and luxurious look while still providing excellent scraping functionalilty.

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This attractive natural material is a hard wearing natural scraping entrance matting designed to scrub feet clean as they walk over it. In its natural state coir matting is a honey or straw colour however other colours are achieved by dying the fibres before manufacturing.

Coir fibre cannot get wet. If this material gets wet the material will absorb the moisture and cause each fibre to swell as it is a natural "wood". This then puts pressure on the backing and will force each strand out of the backing causing clumps of coir to fall out.

Another affect that moisture has on coir coco matting is it darkens as it takes on moisture. The coir fibres will continue retaining moisture until the water dries through natural evaporation. When it dries it will never dry to its original colour so if a section of the matting only gets wet you will see a stain like mark on the mat.

If the coir is dyed like a black coir, the dye may leak and cause marking to the floor around. Consider this when purchasing and make sure that you install the mat indoors or undercover out of the elements! Consider a commercial grade synthetic coir matting if you need to place the mat outdoors or in areas exposed to the elements.

PVC backed coir matting roll has a glass reinforced PVC backing which is often referred to a rubber backing. This holds the fibres in place and prevents fraying and allows the mat to be easily cut to size and unrolled or rolled up and makes installation easy.

The matting can be glued into the recess to prevent movement and removal and this allows us to supply coir matting cut to size, by the metre or cut to a perfect size or shape to be recessed. Being glass reinforced means that the cut to size option stays its size and will not shrink or grow.

Coir fiber matting will always shed fibres; especially when it has just been installed or purchased. The reason coir sheds is when the rubberised backing is cut it releases the small fibres on the edge.

Another reason is the material is a cut pile and ultra dense so that it can stand up to high traffic areas, this means that not all the small strands of coir get embedded into the backing. To reduce the shedding you can vacuum the mat twice a day for the first 2 weeks as the mat settles into place.

Unfortunately there is nothing to stop coir mats shedding entirely, if this is an issue for you especially if you have a carpet or dark coloured floor where the brown fibres show up you can consider a synthetic coir matting as an alternative.

When cut to size the edging is a rustic slightly jaggered look. If this is a concern or you are worried about a tripping hazard in a commercial application, we can supply the mat edged with a sloped ramped edge. When recessed the rough edge will settle and pack into a recess walls, over years if the mat is just laid on top of the floor the edges will settle and "matte down".

We stock premium coir matting in four thicknesses. The thin coir matting is 13mm thick, this will work in recesses that are 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm. The next thickness up is 17mm thick is suitable for recesses that are 14mm, 15mm, 16mm and 17mm deep. 24mm thick will work for recesses that are 21mm, 22 and 23mm thick and the 30mm will work for recesses that are 27mm, 28, 29mm and 30mm thick.

If you require a mat roll that is missing in any of these recess depths then consider building up the recess using a self levelling compound otherwise you may want to look at a rubber underlay as a cost effective alternative if the matting is only been used by pedestrians and no trolleys or wheelchairs.

If you are concerned about the height difference it is important that you check your local safety guidelines or the building code to ensure that the mat is compliant for your specific building.

Our coir matting meets the Building Code of Australia and is fire rated because of its extremely high density and also the non combustible material used in the backing. The 13mm also meets the requirement for wheel chair traffic. It is important not to use 17, 24, 30mm or make up a thickness using underlay if the area is going to be accessed by wheelchairs as this makes it difficult to wheel across the mat and will be a safety hazard.

Thicknesses above the 13mm thick may cause people especially in high heels to be unsteady on their feet as they walk over the mat. This is because the fibres are so long and will rock or sway under downward pressure causing a possible ankle roll hazard. So consider the 13mm thick only if the area is walked over in high heels to reduce this potential risk.

The What is it made from?

We manufacture our coir matting from sustainable Coconut fibre. This is the outer husk of coconuts and is used in manufacturing matting ropes or even bedding. These are harvested by hand and then shelled. The dried coco fibre is then spun into a rope and then stored on spools ready for manufacturing.

If the material ordered is a colour other than natural, we dye this prior to production in specialised vats using heat and eco friendly dyes. When the matting is ready to be made we place the spools onto the extrusion machine and thread the strands of coco rope ready to go.

A molten vinyl is poured onto a belt and the machine begins firing the rope into the backing then cuts to the mats thickness giving it a premium coir matting cut pile feel. The backing is then cured and set to ensure that the fibres are locked into place. Brushes and vacuums then extract and remove excess coconut hair and then the matting is rolled ready for storage or shipping to our customer.

How to cut?

Always cut the matting from the back down. That is lay the matting face down when cutting. This will not only give you an easier surface to mark it will also prevent your ruler from moving and distorting the measurements when cut from the top down.

You will need a sharp knife and a straight edge or ruler to cut the mat. You just need to cut through the PVC backing and then the fibres will fall a way on the sides. Once cut vacuum the edges to remove excess fibres.

Where to buy rolls of coir matting

You can purchase coir matting directly from Matshop or one of our accredited distributors located in Australian or globally. We stock full rolls of coir coconut matting and edging to suit in all thicknesses and a range of colours such as black natural and grey.

Along with the rolls we can provide made to measure matting, by the metre if you want to install the recess mat your self in 200cm (2 metres or 2000 millimetres) wide and 100cm (1 metre, 1000 millimetres) wide.

We ship from our factories in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and can delivery Australia wide from Perth to Darwin, Cairns to the Sunshine Coast and even Adelaide or Tasmania anywhere in Australia!

How to lay coir matting

Coir matting that has been cut to size is very easy to install. We will supply your new matting in a box rolled up. Ideally if you have the space lay the mat flat for 24 hours before fitting in a room that is around 21oC.

Once the roll sits flat the matting be laid loose into a recess or on top of the floor. If you wish to fix the mat in place then consider our recommended adhesive to stick the mat to your floor.

It is important to make sure that the floor that you are laying the mat onto is flat and smooth. Any imperfections will reflect in the surface of the mat and cause premature wear.

Why does coir matting smell

Your new matting should not smell. If you get close enough to the material you will smell a dry hay smell or a slight vinyl smell from the PVC backing, however if your matting has a strong smell it could be two reasons.

When manufactured the material has not completely dried therefor it is still green and has begun rot. Otherwise if your matting has become saturated with liquid the fibres may begin to rot. This is a combination of the bacteria caught in the mat from dirty shoes and the natural fibre beginning to biodegrade.

If your coir matting begins to stink you need to replace it immediately as it may become a health hazard. If it has come with a bad smell send it back to the supplier immediately and ask for a refund! We quality check all our products before they leave our factory.

So if you are looking to buy the highest quality, eco friendly coir matting by the metre, made to measure to suit your mat well recess or a specific space our team is here to help you.

We stock black, grey, red, green, natural and brown coir matting and can dye commercial coir matting to your chosen colour. This option will attract an extra charge and will have a longer shipping time.

If coir matting made to measure isn't for you then consider our range of standard premium coir mats and coir doormats that we mass manufacture and carry ins tock for same day despatch shipping.