Coir Door Mats

Doormats made from coconut husk: nature’s scraper.

Coir doormats are made from the husk (hairy part) of the coconut shell, which are weaved together to create one of the most effective scraper materials there is. Coco coir is extremely environmentally friendly because it is a by-product of the coconut industry. That means nothing extra goes to waste when a coir doormat is created. Coir matting is also better for the world than rubber or plastic because it is 100% biodegradable. When placed back into the earth, a coir doormat will completely break down within a year – nourishing the soil's future growth.

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Design your own coco door mats

Whether you want a blank coir doormat or your logo placed loud and proud, pick your style and personalise it however you like. Custom size coir doormats let you add a little extra personality to your entranceway. Outdoor coir runners are great for long pathways, or recessed coir doormats can be fitted into a mat well for complete safety. Whatever your style, we have the mat to match.

Traditional coir doormat without rubber backing

Traditional coir doormats are weaved and made entirely of coconut husk. This is better for the environment as there is no need for rubber or plastic backing on the mat. Coir door mats without backing also tend to shed less without needing the edges reinforcing. For high traffic entrances that need some slip resistance, rubber backed coir mats are perfectly placed.

Bulk, personalised and stylish coir doormats

Buy blank coir doormats in bulk for your own store or individual custom pieces for your friends and family. Print your logo on coir mats for the ultimate low-cost, low-effort marketing scheme. Whatever your style and wherever you need it, coir doormats are always a great addition.

Coir Door Mats