A yellow hard hat and a laptop are placed on a desk where someone is working. The blog header reads What are The Building Code Requirements for Entrance Mats?
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What are the building code requirements for entrance mats?

If you are responsible for adhering to the Building Code of Australia, you already know that entrance matting has its own set of specifications. These are meant to guide building managers in providing a safe space, as well as helping insurance companies assess their customers.
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When do Entrance Mats Create a Slip or Trip Hazard?

Although the main purpose of an entrance mat is to reduce slips, trips and falls, they must be used correctly. A badly installed or wrongly chosen mat can create a trip or slip hazard and make an accident more likely to happen. Some of our customers are unaware that their recessed entrance mat needs to be installed properly.
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What is the purpose of a kitchen mat?

If you run a commercial kitchen, you probably have health and safety at the top of your worry list. In 2023 more than ever, customer and employee health is pivotal for a successful hospitality business. The best way to protect your people from slips, trips and falls is to install the correct matting. As well as preventing accidents, kitchen mats make staff more comfortable and productive. That, in turn, makes your customers happier.
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The best alternative to painting the floor

If you are trying to highlight a section of your floor, for safety or any other reason, paint might have been your first thought. But sometimes, and especially with carpet, paint isn’t the best option. A customer recently asked how they could create a safe space around a server rack in the railway station where they worked. The rack was surrounded by carpet, so the customer needed something that would work well inside that.
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Do you need a chair mat for carpet?

One of the common questions we are asked about chair mats is whether they are necessary on particular floors. Depending on your flooring type, you will need a different style of chair mat, but we do usually advise that you use one. This time, we’re focusing on carpet. So, do you need a chair mat for carpet?
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5 Problems with Yellow Border Mats

Mats with yellow borders are ideal for hazardous workplaces. The border prevents your matting from becoming a trip hazard and warns employees of potential hazards past that point. Despite their many benefits, yellow border mats have their drawbacks. Like all our products, we want to help you choose the perfect one. To do that, you need to be aware of the pros and cons of each type.
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What is a bog mat?

If you work in construction or agriculture, you have probably had to move heavy machinery across soft land at some point. If you don’t, but you are planning to, you might be wondering how to on earth you are supposed to drive a tractor over a wet or soft building site.
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9 Problems with Entrance Mats

We have covered the best entrance mats in detail, but many of our customers want to know the disadvantages of floor mats too. Every product in existence likely has some downfalls and being aware of those will help you make the right decision the first time.
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4 Problems with Logo Mats: By Variety

Custom logo mats are one of the most effective, low-maintenance marketing campaigns you can find. Just lay or install them once and you have a long-lasting, durable advert for your brand (that also protects your employees, customers and loved ones).
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Best kitchen mats: Australia’s 2023 edition

Commercial and home kitchens need slightly different types of mats. Commercial kitchens see cooks standing for longer periods, and are more prone to spills and slips, trips, and falls. Home kitchens generally need a single mat, whereas commercial kitchen mats might cover the room.