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Door Mats

Door Mats

Around 421,000.

That's how many bacteria are latched onto the sole of the average shoe.

What's worse? Research shows that 90% of those germs transfer directly to your clean floor upon first contact.

You might not be able to protect your home or business from every speck of dirt, but door mats can make a huge difference in how many unwanted guests you allow to enter.

Still on the fence about buying them for your property? Today, we're sharing seven reasons why you can't afford to skip this practical and smart investment.

Read on to learn how you can kick the ickies to the curb and make sure they stay there.

1. Keep Your Floors Clean

Let's begin with the most obvious benefit of attractive and professional-quality door mats: By placing them outside your entrances, you help keep your interiors as clean as possible!

While thinking about all of the germs living on your visitors' shoes might make your skin crawl, you can't exactly command that everyone walk around in their socks. You might be able to put a sign in your home to make that request, but not in a commercial building!

That's why it's smart to place a mat in front of every main exterior door. This encourages guests to at least wipe their shoes, cutting down on the number of creepy crawlies that make their way indoors!

In addition to invisible bacteria, keep in mind that there are other contaminants that visitors can track in through the door, including:

  • Dirt (ranging from big particles to fine dust)
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Dust
  • Mud
  • Other foreign particles

No matter what kind of floor covering you have inside, you don't want these substances strewn all around without caution. A door mat offers an understated, elegant way to encourage everyone to wipe their shoes before entering. Even if guests don't actually wipe their shoes on the mat, it can help catch as many particles as possible.

This is possible thanks to the build-in scraping features that many of our mats include! While you can find myriad door mats on the market, not all are designed to actually remove dirt and moisture from your shoes. That's why it's best to find mats that combine scraping and wiping features to stop the spread of contaminants at the door. 

Otherwise, investing in a poor-quality mat could leave you searching for a replacement when it wears thin after a few months! That's time wasted and money down the drain. 

2. Reduce Cleaning Time and Expenses

It goes without saying that some floors are easier to clean than others. For instance, you can remove dust and grime from your hardwood floors with a simple wet mop. Even a little mud will wipe up easily from those solid surfaces with the help of a household cleaner.

Yet, when the same amount of dirt is smeared onto a carpeted floor, it can create a major, costly mess.

That's because those particles can become trapped within the fibres of your carpet, latching on tightly and refusing to give up the fight. Instead of wiping the dirt clean, a cloth will simply drag it around and smear it across the room. While a vacuum can help remove dry debris, most aren't equipped to handle wet messes.

Restoring your surface often requires the help of a professional carpet cleaner wielding a heavy-duty steamer. 

You'll run into a similar issue if you have tiled floors with light-coloured grout. It doesn't take much for the grout to show signs of wear and tear, made worse by visitors who unknowingly bring soil and stains indoors with them.

Door mats don't only reduce the amount of muck that enters your property. They can also save you money on cleaning costs down the road. Considering that one square yard of carpeting captures one pound of dirt per week (twice that amount in inclement weather!), which can cost up to $600 to clean, this is one investment that will pay for itself over and over again. 

You could spend hours trying to scrub your tile or spot-treat your carpet, only to find that most of your efforts are fruitless. Or, you'll discover that dust has ground itself into the cracks and crevices of your floorboards and it's impossible to wipe them clean.

If you have a solid collection of door mats, you don't have to worry. They can keep both your hard surface floors and your carpeted floors cleaner for a longer period of time.

3. Enhance Safety and Reduce Slip Hazards

Is it pouring outside? What about sleeting, snowing or hailing? 

Your home or office might be a safe haven and a source of warmth for your weather-weary visitors. Yet, without a door mat, their wet or muddy rainboots could quickly turn into a safety hazard. As soon as they walk in, they'll begin creating a trail of water that could cause anyone around them to slip, trip or fall. 

While it might not be as dangerous on carpet, when moisture hits a tile, concrete or hardwood floor, it can turn it into a water slide (and not the fun kind!). In fact, wet conditions amplify the amount of dirt and moisture that your building sees on an average day!

Placing door mats by your entrances gives your guests a chance to dry their shoes before walking indoors. This quick, five-second action could make all the difference in their safety once they're inside. 

Research shows that work-related injuries and diseases cost the Australian economy more than $61 billion per year. This represents 4.1% of the GDP. The most common type of injuries are slips and falls, with more than 6,500 occurring annually. Medical treatments, hospital stays and rehabilitation programs can heap even more costs on top. 

Can your company afford to lose profits, productivity or your good reputation over an avoidable risk? Door mats are the key to keeping your indoor and exterior areas safe and protected. We offer ones that will absorb up to 6.8 litres of water per metre square!

4. Add Indoor Protection

Think door mats are only for exteriors? Check out our wide selection of indoor mats!

From office buildings and warehouses to shopping malls, banks, and every commercial space in between, there are plenty of interior doorways that see a heavy amount of foot traffic. Indoor mats can help keep these thresholds as clean and safe as possible. 

With anti-slip Latex backings, 100% polypropylene and polyamide brush strips, and heavy-duty anti-trip edging, these mats aren't going anywhere. Any time someone steps on one, the bristles go to work to remove dirt, debris and moisture.

Need to protect a larger area? We also offer indoor entrance mats and runners designed to fit different room dimensions!

As the years pass, you'll find that adding mats both outside and inside of your home allows you to extend the lifespan of your furnishings. You can keep your floors shiny and in great condition, your wall-to-wall carpet spill-free, and your bottom line as full as possible. You can also reduce your investment in floor cleaning and maintenance services!

5. Create an Attractive Entrance

Operational functions aside, let's talk about the aesthetic benefits that door mats offer!

Today, you can find mats in a variety of shapes, styles, and materials designed to fit any preference. Whether your tastes are more traditional and refined or offbeat and quirky, there are plenty of options to select from.

You can also create a one-of-a-kind custom door mat printed with your company's name, logo and tagline! This is an ideal way to showcase your brand image and introduce employees and visitors alike to your business. Even in today's fast-paced digital age, first impressions still matter, especially at brick-and-mortar storefronts. 

The mats you choose can demonstrate your company's personality, style and tone. They also allow you to demonstrate your commitment to your employees' health, safety and wellbeing. Creating a clean, safe and effective workplace means paying attention to every detail!

This means your only limit is your imagination! You're free to make yours as unique and personalized as you'd like. We also offer custom-sized mats created to fit your dimensions!

6. Use Eco-Friendly Materials

Unless you've invested in a set recently, you might not know all of the different kinds of door mat materials that are available on the market today. In addition to our long-wearing polypropylene mats, you can also find a bevvy of eco-friendly mats designed with the environment in mind!

Take our coir door mats, for example.

natural fibre extracted from coconut husks, coir is the substance found on the coconut's inner shell. For years, it has gained attention as an excellent seed starter, potting mix, and hanging basket liner. It also happens to be an excellent door mat material!

Our coir door mats are coarse and thick with excellent scraping qualities, making them extra-effective against even the most stubborn grime. Many are also backed by PVC, allowing our team to cut them to fit any size you need.

An added bonus? Coir is also highly absorbent, so neither outside water nor indoor spills stand a chance against it!

Left in its natural state, coir is an attractive tan colour that complements any home or business. Want to add a little elegance? Take a look at our Tree of Life version! You can also print your logo onto a coir mat.

7. Improve Indoor Air Quality

You could invest in all of the cleaners in the world, but the reality is that it's impossible to create a space where bacteria and other biological contaminants are completely prohibited.

Some of the most common sources of indoor air pollutants include:

  • Household products
  • Human activities
  • Building operations
  • Construction materials
  • Outdoor elements

Think about it. If you continuously track in dust, dirt, chemicals and other contaminants without thoroughly wiping your shoes on a door mat first, those substances don't just dissipate into thin air as soon as you step inside. Rather, they go directly onto your floor, where they become trapped in carpet fibres, tile grout, floor cracks and more.

While much of the grime will stay put, it doesn't take long for some of it to become airborne.

Take vacuuming, for instance. 

Instead of eliminating it up for good, some vacuum cleaners throw that fine dust back into the air, where it can aggravate your allergies and contaminate your indoor air. You can also track in cleaning chemicals as you walk in, releasing their airborne contaminants and volatile organic contaminants (VOCs) right into the air.

Think these substances don't matter because you can't see them? If you're someone who's highly sensitive to air quality fluctuations, you can tell the difference right away. 

Some of the populations that are the most affected by these changes in air quality include:

  • Very old people
  • Very young people
  • People with pre-existing cardiovascular disease
  • People with pre-existing respiratory conditions

Even if no one visiting your property fits those above categories, door mats are still must-have additions to your space. They can help catch those bugs as soon as they arrive, mitigating any negative effects they might have on your air quality.

Find the Door Mats You Need Today

Now that you know a few of the top reasons why it's smart to invest in door mats, are you ready to shop our wide selection and choose the types that work for you?

From indoor and outdoor mats to eco-friendly options, easy-to-clean versions, and recessed models, we've got it all. We also offer a best-price guarantee, same-day turnaround time, and 365-day money-back guarantee. We're proud of our industry reputation and look forward to helping you transform your space.

Take a look at our inventory and place an online order today!