Reinforced Grit Surface Anti Slip Runner 120cm Wide Charcoal

Reinforced Grit Surface Anti Slip Runner 120cm Wide Charcoal

Heavy Duty PVC Safety Mat Runner Grey

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The PVC Safety Mat Runner is designed for high traffic areas. This durable matting has a zigzag surface that provides traction under foot as well as scrapes dirt and debris from the surface of shoes. This mat is made from a flexible PVC and can be cut to your desired shape or size.

The PVC Safety Mat Runner is an anti slip mat designed to be used in both wet or dry environments. Due to its unique design this mat provides a high level of traction and adheres well to a variety of floor surfaces including concrete, timber and a selection of tiles. This simple zigzag pattern works to grip from all directions, and selected sections sit slightly suspended above the floor surface to prevent water or other liquid from building up which may cause the mat to aquaplane. Because of its design any moisture that falls onto the mat almost immediately drains which helps to keep the surface dry and then flows out and away under the mat. Other uses for this heavy duty runner include installing the mat as a scraper entrance mat, the ridge surface works very well to remove heavy debris and mud from the shoes and because of its open construction this falls through the mat keeping the surface clean to prevent the following visitor from bringing this into your building. When loose laid onto a floor this safety mat can be finished with a safety ramp to reduce the risk of a trip hazard and accommodate wheeled traffic.


Manufactured using a flexible PVC material this product is able to withstand common chemicals and grease. The material is fused together during the manufacturing process to form its functional pattern meaning that this safety mat runner is a long lasting option in demanding environments. Being a flexible compound allows the mat to be rolled up quickly and efficiently. Trimming this anti slip mat is easy and can be done using an industrial knife following a strait edge allowing the mat to be cut to any size or shape.

This mat is suitable for use in medium to high traffic applications, this may include kitchens and bars, on ramps or walkways to prevent the chance of a slip or as an Entrance mat to a building to scrape off heavy dirt and mud. In some instances we recommend that this mat is fixed down to the floor to prevent movement.