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A brown door mat with the word 'Welcome' in yellow is placed in front of an ajar door. The blog title reads How to Clean a Doormat.
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How to Clean a Doormat

A new doormat can give your entranceway a new lease of life, but let it get old or dirty and it might have the opposite effect. Some people get confused how to clean a doormat, but usually it’s because they don’t realise how easy it is.
Coconuts can be seen close-up. Blog header reads Can You Keep Coir Outside.
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Can you keep your coir doormat outside?

There are few things coir can’t do. It looks great. It cleans shoes SO well. Our favourite thing about coir mats is that they are great for the environment. Coir is a by-product of the coconut industry, and it would sit in a heap to biodegrade if it wasn’t used.
An apple sits on top of a stack of books with other schools supplies surrounding. The blog header reads School Logo Mats: The Ultimate Guide.
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School Logo Mats: The Ultimate Guide

It’s back to school time and you’re ready to welcome the kids back in the safety and security of these strange new times. But all the hand sanitiser and facemasks in the world won’t protect your children from slips, trips and falls, so forget about checking in and lay some mats.
A variety of mats are displayed in a fan shape. The blog header reads Choosing the Right Mat for Your Business.
The red door to a historic building is set amongst white a brown bricks. The blog header reads Designing an Entranceway for Your Business.