Grease & Chemical Resistant Anti Fatigue Mats

No one wants a sore back while they’re cooking up a storm.

If you’re still standing on hard floors in the kitchen, you need to sort it out! Not only are hard surfaces incredibly uncomfortable, but they also cause long-term pain and health problems. All the negative impacts of standing all day can be mediated with a comfortable, supportive, anti fatigue kitchen mat. Grease resistant anti fatigue mats let your muscles flex and rearrange, softening the pressure on your joints and preventing cramping. In the kitchen, it’s important to be comfortable – whether you’re a chef-chef, a home-chef or a not-so-chef.

Anti Fatigue Mats | Grease Resistant | Chemical Resistant

Oil resistant anti fatigue mats keep Australia making great food

Australian chefs might be known for their short fuse and great food, but an anti fatigue mat in the kitchen might can make half of that statement disappear. It’s no surprise that chefs get angry when their floor is as hard as a rock and half as comfy. Anti fatigue kitchen mat runners cover the entire surface of the floor, so not one step will be uncomfortable.

Chemical resistant anti fatigue mats are crucial in the kitchen

Hot oil, grease and multiple liquids create a new hazard in the kitchen. Our anti fatigue kitchen mats are perfect for areas prone to drips and spills, with holes for drainage and raised lugs underneath. Being raised off the floor means the grease and chemical resistant anti fatigue mat lets liquids pass through without causing a slip hazard.

Bevelled edges for safer kitchens

As well as drainage, anti fatigue kitchen mats can optionally feature bevelled edges. Tiny ramps along the edges (bevels) allow light wheeled traffic to pass over, as well as removing the risk of trip hazards on raised corners. Anti fatigue kitchen mat runners can be fitted to the floor to provide support across any shaped kitchen.