Electrical Safety Matting

Protect yourself up to 30,000 volts.

Electrical safety matting is made from hardwearing and flexible PVC that is designed to protect electrical workers from up to 30,000 volts. The matting works by insulating electrical currents, which prevents them from grounding, cuts the circuit and prevents electric shocks. Electricians and welders make up the majority of buyers of our insulated mats, but we do have some residential customers too. Keeping an electrical safety floor mat in your tool shed or workshop is important even if you tinker around with electrics in your spare time.

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Insulated mats, electrical safety

Electrical safety mats work by insulating electrical current. Insulation prevents electricity from flowing through, which stops the current from grounding and, therefore, from electrocuting you. It is both important and a legal requirement for electricians to be equipped with the right matting, but other industries have less defined regulations. If you work or play with electricity at all, an electrical safety mat can keep you safe.

Welding mats stop sparks flying

Welders also work with live electrical circuits, so welding floor mats are as important for electrical safety as electricians mats. As well as electrocution, anyone that works with electricity needs to be wary of burns. Sparks are a common cause of burns, both in themselves and from their potential to start a larger fire. Welding mats extinguish sparks and prevent electrical currents from circuiting.

Non-conductive electrical safety matting 1000v and more

Our electrical safety mats can protect up to 30,000v. As well as protecting you from electricity, they all feature a non slip underside that helps to keep the mat in place on the floor. The weld safe non-conductive electrical safety switchboard matting also withstands molten metal and sparks up to 1500 degrees Celsius for up to 3 seconds. It also has a solid surface that is easily cleaned with a quick wipe.