How To Choose The Correct Chair Mat

Selecting the correct chair mat is important to ensure that you get the maximum life from the chair mat and to make rolling over the mat safe and easy. A chair mat that is too thin or lightweight will cause premature cracking and create impressions from the chair castors making it difficult to move around.

Below is a step by step guide to assist in making this task easy.

Measure the thickness of the carpet and underlay

To do this, use a long drawing pin or straighten the end of a paper clip. Insert the straight end into the carpet and through the underlay until it hits the solid surface below the underlay. (Some carpets have a tightly woven backing so you may have to wiggle the paper clip or pin gently to force it through this backing). 

When the pin or paperclip hits the hard subfloor below grip the paper clip or pin with your index finger and thumb right at the highest point of the carpet being careful not to press down which will give a false reading. 

Remove the paper clip or pin from the carpet and measure from the end to your fingers. This will be the total height of your carpet and this measurement can be used when buying your Matshop Chair Mats. 

Note: Be sure to include the underlay in your measurement, most (99.9%) domestic homes have a 10mm underaly and will fall into the thick pile category

All the Matshop Heavy Duty Chair Mats are covered by an exclusive 12 year warranty. This is the longest warranty in the industry.