Standing Desk Mats

Standing desks can do more harm than good.

While sitting all day is undoubtedly harmful, simply standing isn’t necessarily better. Aching legs, back pain and muscle fatigue are just some of the symptoms that make standing desks less healthy and much less productive. The difference between useful and useless is the surface that you stand on. Rock-hard concrete is a killer for the human body, but a standing desk mat makes the ground more comfortable and lets your body breathe.

Standing Desks Mats | Anti Fatigue Mats For Standing Desks

Anti fatigue mat for standing desk

The tool for pain prevention at a standing desk is an anti fatigue mat. While any anti fatigue mat will effectively improve the health problems related to standing on a hard floor, those created specifically for standing desks are best suited for offices. More comfortable, more stylish and more beneficial to busy office workers that don’t get a chance to walk around.

Ergonomically made to suit the stillness of an office worker

While factory workers need anti fatigue mats, they also need to be able to walk around easily. Office workers typically stay in the same spot, and wheeled traffic is much less likely to pass over their mats. That means an anti fatigue mat for a sit stand desk is that little bit more comfortable – a soft surface allowing the muscles to flex even more.

Subtle and small to fit with office style

Anti fatigue standing mats can be bought to cover entire floors, but that is not ideal for offices. Where function is pivotal but it’s also important to keep it classy, subtlety is usually key. You know your office style best but a solid black surface with extra comfort is a popular choice for offices and home offices.