Hard Floor Chair Mats

Hard floors get scratched easily; casters scratch easily.

The easiest way to ruin the look of your home office is to etch a scratch right down the floor. Hard floors typically take up a large portion of a budget, so investing in an easy way to keep them clean and undamaged is a no-brainer for many renovators. Chair mats for hard floors are completely smooth on both sides as there is no need for grippers to hold the mat in place. We deliver all our chair mats flat, so you don’t need to worry about unrolling, dents or cracks.

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Polycarbonate chair mats for hard floors

The best chair mats for hard floors are smooth, sturdy and solid. Ramped edges make it easy to roll on and off your chair mat, so you will forget it’s even there. Whether your set up is for work or play, PVC chair mats for hard floors are the best way to keep it in great condition.

Chair mats: hard floor protection and lower back protection

It isn’t just your hard floors that are damaged by casters being pushed around the floor. Every time you wheel your chair along a surface that isn’t smooth, you put unnecessary strain on your back. Hard floor desk chair mats make gliding effortless, keeping your floor and back crack free!

Custom chair mats for hardwood floors

If your desk set up is particularly quirky, a standard keyhole or square chair mat might not be enough. We can cut all our chair mats to any shape or size you need. Just order a custom chair mat for hard floors and let us know the measurements of your space. If you aren’t sure what size or shape you need, get in touch with one of the team who will be happy to arrange a site visit.

Hard Floor Chair Mats