A flat lay showing a person working on a laptop with a notebook and some books around the desk. The blog header reads Arranging Your Workspace for Productivity.

Arranging Your Desk and Workspace for Maximum Productivity

Whether you work in a corporate office or at your desk from home, it’s crucial that your workspace is a place that you enjoy being in. Not only do you spend the majority of your day sitting in this space, but our workspaces can have a significant impact on our psychological well being.
2 years ago
Eco-friendly mats that aren't recycled plastic

Eco-friendly mats that aren't recycled plastic

Working in an industry that deals with consumer goods, one of our biggest concerns here at Matshop is making sure our products contribute as little as possible to the world’s environmental crisis. With many of our items made from rubber and plastic, keeping our business environmentally friendly instead of harmful can be quite the challenge.
3 years ago
A close up of a rubber office mat with holes for drainage fills the image. The blog header reads Rubber Office Mats: The Disadvantages.

Rubber Office Mats: The Disadvantages

Many of our customers come to us asking for our most durable solution, which is almost always a rubber mat. Sometimes, on investigating their needs in more detail, we realise they don’t need a rubber mat at all, because the most heavy duty solution is not always the best.
3 years ago
Building blocks spelling the word 'BRAND' are being placed in a vertical tower by a hand. The blog title reads How to Boost Sales with Branded Logo Mats.

How to effortlessly boost your sales with branded logo mats

f you’ve ever walked into a big business’ reception, you might have been amazed by the smart front desk and big branding behind it. Corporations spend huge amounts of money on giving clients and customers the right first impression because we all know by now that first impressions last.
3 years ago
A child is shown with their hair standing up from static electricity. The title of the blog reads How to Stop Getting Electric Shocks.

How to Stop Getting Electric Shocks At Work

t’s a weird one, electric shocks. Sometimes it’s funny to give your friends and family a static shock, but a full-blown electrocution from the clouds can be deadly. One thing’s for sure, though: however big or small an electric shock is, it is never useful to get one at work.
3 years ago
Water drops on the ground in black and white. The blog header reads Wet Weather Mats.

Wet Weather Mats

9 years ago
New production set up allows Matshop to greatly reduce Logo Mat turnaround time