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What should I put under my washing machine and other appliances?

The perfect mats for washing machines and other household appliances.

If you have recently renovated or installed new fixtures, you might be wondering how best to protect your new space. Many mats can protect your floor and white goods, but the ideal product varies between appliances and floor types.

Washing machines, fridges and other white goods are some common items we are asked about, but any big appliances need a barrier underneath. So, if you are wondering what to put under a washing machine, or any other appliance, keep reading.


What is the best mat material for protecting my floor?

The best material to protect floors from heavy appliances like washing machines and fridges is rubber.

The main feature of rubber that makes it the most popular mat material is its natural slip resistance. Any mat made from or backed with rubber offers a high level of protection from slip accidents.

Rubber mats also provide a durable and flexible barrier that absorbs the impact of heavy appliances. It is highly resistant to the typical environment and will not deteriorate from constant use.


What should I put under my washing machine?

Washing machines tend to shake a lot, so you need something to prevent them from ‘walking’ across the room. Rubber is the most slip-resistant material on the market and is perfect for keeping large appliances in place.

That shaking gets loud on some machines, so you need something that will absorb sound as well as impact. This is particularly important if you live in an apartment or have babies living with you.

Washing machines create a lot of heat, which your mat needs to be resistant to. They can also leak water, so the ideal washing machine mat will have holes to drain this away and prevent pooling.

The best mat to put under a washing machine is:

Non Slip Anti Fatigue Safety Mat Runner


What to put under a fridge?

In the kitchen, your mat needs to resist more than just water and soap. The space below your fridge gets dirty from all sorts of food particles, so the perfect mat for under a fridge is resistant to grease and oils.

Like washing machine mats, an under-fridge mat also needs to drain water, prevent slipping and absorb impact from any movement. Knowing what to put under a fridge to protect the floor will save you a lot of money on maintenance and restoration.

The best mat to put under a fridge is:

Grease Resistant Rubber Safety Mat With Holes


What to put under a blowup pool?

Anyone lucky enough to have a pool probably knows the damage it can do to the ground underneath. Depending on the material of that ground, you have a few options for what to put under it.

If you want to save your grass, you need something to provide a temporary supportive surface. Bog mats create a temporary road to protect grass, but they are not ideal for sustained use. No amount of matting can prevent grass from dying due to lack of sunlight, so artificial grass might solve both problems.

Blowup pools placed on concrete can be made safer and more comfortable by placing a rubber anti fatigue mat underneath. Rubber is comfortable and supportive, so can reduce injury caused by contact with the solid concrete floor.


What to put under a dining table on carpet?

Dining tables see food, drinks, conversation, and heated debate. They support families, friends and colleagues through some of the best and worst times, so they need something equally as supportive underneath.

We do not currently offer matting that sits under dining tables on carpet, but our chair mats for carpet offer the perfect protection from chair casters for carpets of all types.


What to put under furniture to protect wood floors?

Wood floors get scratched easily, so protecting them is one of the most common reasons for using any type of mat. Add heavy furniture legs to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster – but there are few disasters the perfect mat can’t prevent.

We recommend carpet-surfaced matting with a rubber backing for hardwood flooring. The carpet provides a soft feel underfoot and the rubber backing prevents slip accidents or moving around.

Look for a mat with a low profile (which means it lays low on the floor). This will prevent trip accidents and ensure the furniture is stable on top.

The best mat to put under furniture to protect wood floors is:

Plush Pile Polypropylene Mat


What to put under a fire pit on a deck?

Fire-proof matting slows flame spread and protects floors from heat damage. It is mostly used in jobs that deal with fire, such as welders, firefighters and metal workers. But, placing fire pits directly onto wooden decks without also them is dangerous.

If you are using a fire pit at home or work, you should protect your home and the people in it with a mat to prevent fire from spreading. The ideal mat will also double up as an anti-fatigue mat that will keep you comfortable while standing over the fire.

The best mat to put under a fire put is:

Interlocking Spark Resistant Anti Fatigue Welding Mat


What to put under a swing set?

Swing sets need something to protect both the play equipment and the children using it. Spongy cushions to absorb impact from falls and a sturdy base to hold heavy climbing frames solidly.

Gym-type flooring is the ideal matting to put under a swing set. We do not sell these types of mats but can recommend those that do. Check out this article on where you can buy gym matting.


Protecting your floors from your damage

The perfect mat to protect your floor varies between appliances. If we haven’t covered your specific application in this article, feel free to reach out. As always, our team of friendly matxperts are on hand to provide a more personal recommendation.

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