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Do you need a chair mat for carpet?

When and why to use a chair mat on your carpet.

One of the common questions we are asked about chair mats is whether they are necessary on particular floors. Depending on your flooring type, you will need a different style of chair mat, but we do usually advise that you use one.

This time, we’re focusing on carpet. So, do you need a chair mat for carpet?


Do you need a chair mat for carpet?

The answer is almost always: yes. Rolling office chairs are highly likely to damage unprotected floors, so if you are using one with castors (you should be), then you need a chair mat underneath.

The main role of a chair mat is to protect floors in your home office or commercial building. Carpet chair mats prevent damage to carpeted floors by creating a solid surface for chair castors to roll over.

As well as protecting your floors, chair mats prevent back pain caused by sliding wheels along an uneven floor. The smooth surface is easy to roll on and off, so you don’t jar or strain your back pushing against the ground.


What types of chair mats are on the market?

Glass chair mats are the ideal chair mat, and – if stored correctly – would be one to pass on to your grandchildren. But, most people do not want to deal with the additional upkeep and expense of glass.

The most popular type of chair mat is made from PVC. These are lightweight but durable and highly effective at protecting your floors, backs and chairs. Our PVC chair mats are delivered flat, so you don’t have to waste time unrolling yours once it arrives.

Another type of chair mat we offer is made from carpet with a rubber backing. These are perfect for anyone needing something low profile, absorbent and non-slip. Carpet-surfaced chair mats are ideal for gamers and anyone likely to spill drinks and other liquids.


How to choose the best chair mat

The best chair mats for carpet are ones with grippers. These act like small anchors and hold the mat in place on the floor. You must use the right type of chair mat, so check out this extensive guide to choosing the correct chair mat.

Using the wrong type or thickness for your floor will lead to cracked and damaged products. This will likely void your warranty. A mat that is too thin on high-pile carpets will not offer enough support under the weight of your chair.

A mat that is too thick on a solid surface will be difficult for you to roll on and off. To fully protect your carpet, you need to note the size and shape of your carpet pile. Plastic chair mats come in a range of thicknesses and styles, all of which protect against office chair wheels.

It is also important to note that very high pile types of office carpet may still cause some movement. This is because the length that the grippers would have to be to accommodate the very long, plush pile would be dangerous and impractical.


Do you need a chair mat for carpet?

If you want to protect your carpet from holes and tears, a chair mat is critical. As well as choosing the perfect mat for your floor, you should consider the level of upkeep you are happy with and any additional features you might need.

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