Non slip Anti Fatigue Safety Mat Runner 90cm wide

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The Non-Slip Anti-Fatigue Safety Mat Runner is a dual purpose mat that has anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties. With suction cups on the underside to keep the mat in place, there are also drainage holes to allow water to flow through.

The Non Slip Anti Fatigue Safety Mat Runner is versatile and long lasting mat that can be used in a number of applications. The surface has a unique traction pattern and medium sized drainage holes to allow for liquids to flow through freely keeping the surface dry and safe. On the underside are suction cups placed strategically over the mat, this holds the mat in place on many surfaces and prevents the mat from walking down.


Made from Natural Rubber the material completely solid making the mat a long life and strong option. This compound provides comfort underfoot and is flexible enough to contour uneven ground if used as an outdoor ground runner. Natural rubber can easily be trimmed or cut to size or shape by using a standard industrial knife. This safety mat runner is water and weather resistant.