Does Your Workplace Need a Speciality Mat?
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Does Your Workplace Need a Speciality Mat?

Depending on your type of business, you could require a specialised work mat to aid your employees in a variety of ways. Some of these businesses include those working in hot work environments and industries exposed to high voltage electricity and sensitive production.

Finding the correct mat will keep employees safe and help prevent long-term circulatory problems that can result in painful physical fatigue. They can also prevent employees from slipping in wet areas, and protect carpet from chair casters.

Matshop is Australia’s leading online supplier of mats, matting and floor safety products, and we can help you find the right mat to suit your business needs. Among our range of speciality mats you will find:

Welding mats

For those working in mechanics, factories and repair shops, an interlocking, spark-resistant anti fatigue welding mat is recommended. Its non-slip surface helps prevent falls and slips, and its anti fatigue technology protects staff from musculoskeletal problems caused by prolonged periods on their feet. Designed to repel sparks and resist damage from high-temperature metal shards, welding mats are ideal for environments where welding occurs.

Electrical safety mats

A non-conductive electrical safety switchboard mat is designed to insulate workers from up to 30,000 volts and is made from hardwearing and flexible PVC. Matshop’s electrical safety mats have been thoroughly tested, and the results are clearly visible on the underside of each mat.

Food preparation mats In commercial kitchens, restaurants and food preparation areas, clean shoes are an essential part of preventing the spread of contamination. Matshop’s rubber foot bath mat with high yellow sides lets the hundreds of rubber bristles quickly clean your shoes before entering a controlled area, and when combined with some anti-bacterial cleaning detergent you can be assured that all entering will have squeaky clean shoes.

In beverage dispensary areas, factories and production lines, an anti fatigue rubber mat roll with drainage holes is recommended. This great multi-purpose mat has a textured surface to provide a high level of traction, and the surface holes provide excellent drainage.

On the underside of each mat, you will find suction cups that work to adhere the mat to the floor surface and allow moisture to pass through the mat. For this reason, they are also ideal for ute trays and van backs.

Clean room mats

A sticky lab/surgical dirt adhesive mat works well for clean rooms, laboratories and surgical areas. Sticky sheets are designed to collect dirt from feet and wheels as they pass over the mat, and layers are easily removed once they lose their effectiveness, revealing a new sticky surface that will catch loose particles such as dust, powder dirt and other foreign particles.

Gym and fitness mats

To provide comfort and insulation against cold hard floors, solid rubber tiles are recommended for weight training areas, gyms or other demanding environments. Each tile has an anti slip surface and backing to hold the mat in place, and as they are made from natural rubber they are shock absorbent, durable and able to withstand impact from heavy items that may be dropped.

Anti static mats

If you are looking to protect your equipment from static electricity damage, an anti-static dissipative comfort mat can protect against static while giving relief to tired feet and legs. Mats can be custom cut to fit your work area, and its “closed cell foam” formula provides a high level of comfort. To ensure your mats preserve their purpose, always follow the appropriate cleaning instructions.

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