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Where to buy gym mats: Australia

The best gym floor mat providers in Australia.

There are some products we don’t sell at Matshop. Usually, they’re either specialist products that need additional technology or something we know others are already doing very well.

With gym mats, it’s the latter.

We don’t sell gym mats because there are a few Aussie suppliers that have got the niche so well covered, you guys don’t need us there. We do, however, meet with gym mat providers often, so we are in a great position to offer unbiased advice on where to buy gym mats in Australia.

Proper flooring is extremely important in all gyms, whether in your garage or the newest posh health club in town. They offer more features than you might think, but you’re itching to know who the best providers are, so we will cover those after we let you know.

So, here are some of the best providers of gym mats in Australia.


Where to buy gym mats in Australia

Sam’s Fitness

For a huge variety of reliable equipment, Sam’s fitness is your go-to. From gym newbies to seasoned bodybuilders, there is something for everyone on their vast online store.

Sam’s fitness was started by a couple that grew tired of waiting for equipment in their local gym and decided to build their own at home. The barrier they soon reached was that all the equipment available in Australia was either too expensive or low quality.

So, Sam decided to bring the equipment he wanted to Australia, and so was borne Sam’s Fitness. Sam’s fitness is a fantastic option if you don’t want to pay extortionate prices. They buy directly from the importer, so you aren’t paying extra for a middle man.

Best for: cost-effective, high-quality home gym machinery.


A1 Rubber

A1 Rubber is Australia’s largest recycled rubber manufacturer and upcycler. Their gym floor tiles are high quality and VOC certified but made from recycled tyres that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

A1 Rubber even turns their own rubber waste into new products, so their impact on the environment alone makes them a great vendor. They are very popular in the fitness industry – even health club giant Virgin Active use their gym floor tiles.

Our favourite thing about A1 Rubber is that all their products are Australian Made! Their rubber is made in Queensland, so we can support Aussie businesses and be sure it meets Aussie standards at the same time.

Best for: environmentally friendly options.


Carpet Tiles 1

Don’t be fooled by their name, Carpet Tiles 1 sell gym tiling and might just have the best price in Australia. Their products are extremely affordable, which is perfect for anyone starting out with their home gym.

The low prices don’t mean low quality, though. Carpet Tiles 1 only stocks high density, premium-grade rubber gym tiles that meet Australian standards for fire reaction and slip resistance.

Their great price point comes from the fact that you are buying directly from the manufacturer (just like when you buy from Matshop), allowing you to save up to 60% off your new home gym flooring.

Best for: home-gym newbies.



MA1 are the all-rounder of gym suppliers. If you are setting up a fancy home gym or any sized commercial gym, these guys can support the entire setup. As well as supplying gym mats and flooring, MA1 sell high-quality gym equipment, machinery and even apparel.

For rubber flooring that fits your entire space, MA1 will provide measuring, installation and floor planning services. That makes it perfect for anyone getting into the deep end with less knowledge, as well as seasoned gym owners.

If you want to keep your gym on-brand as well as safe and quiet, MA1 offer custom flooring to match your logo and branding. Custom shapes, sizes and colours are all a part of MA1’s premium service.

Best for: commercial gyms and high-end home gyms.


General Mat Company

General Mat Company have a range of mat suppliers under their umbrella, but that’s not their only USP. Their standard 1m x 2m sizing cuts installation time in half – that’s a lot of time saved without sacrificing standard.

Anyone looking to make their gym floor safer in a shorter amount of time should get in touch with the General Mat Company. Their mats come with a 10-year warranty, which helps you buy with confidence – especially if you are a small business.

If the standard 10.5mm isn’t thick enough, this supplier offers linkable and custom sized gym flooring up to 1.2mx2.2m, all with a thickness of 16.5mm.

Best for: a fast turnaround.


Mat Supplies’ Gym Floor Mats

For temporary interlocking foam and martial arts flooring, Mat Supplies’ Gym Floor Mats are the supplier of choice. They specialise in temporary foam jigsaw mats for martial arts events and rubber gym mats for more permanent fixtures.

Gym Floor Mats’ mats come at a great price, while still maintaining that great quality that our valued Matshop customers expect.

Their coloured interlocking foam mats are a great affordable option for children’s parties and other events that need a little padding for the floors. You can easily lay and lock the foam squares for your event and stack them out of sight to store for next time.

Best for: martial arts and temporary foam flooring.


The best providers of gym floor mats: Australia-wide

Gym mats are important for protecting your equipment, as well as the people using it. The right flooring can also reduce the noise of dropped weights and clanging machinery.

For areas that see very high exercises, such as deadlifts, you might want to consider an additional layer of flooring. Powerlifting platforms and thicker gym floor mats are great at absorbing the shock of dropped bars.

We don’t sell gym mats, but we know loads of great companies that do. While none of our mats are made specifically for gyms, we do stock rubber flooring including tiles and rolls. For more information about any of our products, feel free to reach out to one of the team.

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