A black door mat sits inside a white doorway. The blog header reads What are the Best Front Door Mats?

What are the best front door mats?

How to choose the best door mat for your space, no matter where that is.

Door mats are responsible for your home or office’s first impression. No pressure.

As well as matching the way you want your home to look, your door mat shows your attitude. Towards general cleanliness and the health and safety of the people inside your building.

If your home is clean and neat, your door mat will be too.

If your home is full of booby traps, your mat will probably cause a slip accident.

Research suggests it takes 38 seconds for a visitor to judge your home. What impression do you want to give? To help you create the perfect doorway, here is our round-up of the best front door mats for homes and businesses.


What are the best door mats for different applications?

Best: indoor door mat

Plush Pile Polypropylene Mat Runner




The plush pile mat runner is the best mat for inside areas because of its soft surface. The plush pile is carefully designed to feel comfortable underfoot while also absorbing water and hiding dirt and debris.

Mat runners are a great choice if you have a long hallway that can fit a large door mat because it takes 6 steps to fully remove most of the dirt from the average shoe. Runners come in a standard width (90, 120, 180cm for this one) can be cut to whatever length you need.


Best: outdoor door mat

Coir Scraper Mat with Woven sides




Coir is the perfect choice for an outside undercover door mat. Coir is 100% natural, water-resistant and mould-resistant, so it can also go outside without cover in mildly wet areas. Please remember that coir mats with a rubber backing cannot be used in wet areas.

The woven sides follow the traditional style for coir door mats, which removes the need for a backing. The sides also minimise shedding of the natural fibres, but some shedding is unavoidable with any coir product. To avoid shedding completely, opt for a synthetic coir door mat instead.


Best: wet area door mat

Low Profile Outdoor Scraper Mat




The low profile outdoor scraper mat is the best door mat for a wet area because it provides traction to reduce slip and fall accidents while also letting water drain off its surface. The nubs on the surface of the mat scrape the soles of shoes, and the border holds in dirt.

Low profile mats are perfect for areas that see foot traffic because they create less of a trip hazard than thicker ones. Mats made from rubber are not absorbent at all, so are best paired with an indoor door mat to dry the feet they clean.


Best: non slip door mat

High Traction Low Profile Anti Slip Mat




While the low profile scraper offers some slip protection, if safety is your main concern then the high traction low profile mat is even better. This is specifically designed to provide extreme traction in very slippery areas such as bar backs and commercial kitchens.

Not necessarily a door mat, but we recommend this high traction mat for wider doorways that see a lot of water.


Best: sustainable mat

Luxe Building Code Compliant Eco Friendly Entrance Mat Hex Pattern




The luxe entrance mat is made from ECONYL – the world’s first recycled nylon. ECONYL take nylon scraps that would end up as landfill and create new nylon as high quality as virgin pieces. This mat is eco-friendly and building code compliant, making it perfect for doorways.

Matshop offers other products made from ECONYL, but this one is our top pick because of the smart pattern on the mat’s surface. The nylon fibres are ultra-absorbent and scrape the soles of shoes to remove dirt, hiding it among the structure of the mat.




Best: personalised door mat

Polypropylene Crisp Imprint Custom Logo Mat




The crisp imprint logo mat uses cutting edge printing techniques to create a crisp, clear image that lasts the lifetime of the mat. With a permanent image, this entrance mat is perfect for businesses to showcase their brand before anyone steps through the door.

As well as being a high-quality marketing material, the crisp imprint logo mat has excellent scraping and absorbing qualities. That means it keeps floors clean and dry, hiding dirt and debris out of sight deep in the structure of the mat.




What is the best front door mat?

It’s a close call, and the best choice for you will depend on your unique needs and situation, but our overall best door mat is:

Coir Scraper Mat with Woven sides




The traditional coir scraper mat is ideal for inside and outside entrances, and you can buy it in a standard size or get it custom-made to fit your unique application. As well as working brilliantly, coir has a special place in our heart for its sustainability as a by-product of the coconut industry.

We truly care about our planet here at Matshop, so if there is ever an environmentally friendly option, we will almost always take it! When we first started our company in 2013, we were on a mission to bring sustainable mats to the masses.

For more information on choosing the perfect mat for your doorway, check out this article on designing an entranceway for your business. If you have more specific questions, our matxperts are always on hand to help you find your perfect mat.

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