Full Colour Custom Printed Low Profile Rubber Scraper Mat

Full Colour Custom Printed Low Profile Rubber Scraper Mat

Polypropylene Crisp Imprint Custom Logo Mat

As low as $275.00
Custom Made 2-4 week lead time


The imprinted logo is designed to stand out and above the backing of the mat creating an ultra clear and crisp image. This mat has a poly propylene surface and a rubberised PVC backing and borders on all sides of the mat, the mat is available in a number of imprints and backing colour options.

Price includes the cost for 1 colour imprint only, up to 3 colours total for additonal cost 

The Polypropylene Crisp Imprint Logo Mat is created by using a unique method whereby the design is imprinted onto the carpet surface, producing a crisp and clear image. This method allows the image or design to stand out on the mat and creates a clean, sleek, attractive finish. The imprint is created by a chemical that is placed on the surface of the mat which grabs hold of fibres in the mat to create a permanent image. Electrostatically charged fibres are then fired into this compound to create the crisp, vibrant image. The solution dyed polypropylene surface prevents fading and ensures colours are true to life. Price includes one logo colour

This imprint logo mat is also a highly function entrance mat as it has both scraping and absorbing qualities, allowing it to remove dirt and contain moisture from shoes and light wheeled traffic. Like all entrance mats, it is essential to remove any build up that may be collected in the mat. The most effective method of doing this is regular vacuuming.

This mat is designed for medium to high traffic entrances and point of sale areas.