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Best Indoor Door Mats in Australia: 2023 Edition

How to find the best indoor door mats in Australia, and what makes them so great.

If you’re looking for a door mat, you have probably realised that products for specific areas have different features. If you aren’t sure which type you need yet, we highly recommend reading about the difference between inside and outside doormats first.

The main role of a door mat inside is to dry shoes after they’ve had dirt and debris removed outside. It is important to understand how the mats work together as a team to keep your floors clean and your people safe.

So, here is everything you need to find the best indoor door mats in Australia.


What to look for in your indoor mat

The best indoor door mats offer all the following benefits:

  • Absorbency: After shoes have been scraped clean, the remaining moisture needs to be removed. The more liquid your mat can remove and store, the better!
  • Slip resistance: Keeping liquid off your floors is important, but if the mat itself is a slip hazard, it’s counter-productive to have one at all. A non slip backing is ideal because it can be used with other materials – we’ll share more on that later.
  • Dirt removal: The main reason for placing any mat in your doorway is to remove dirt from the shoes that pass over. Your indoor mat removes the last pieces of dust and debris missed by your outdoor mat.
  • Softness: a soft, plush carpet is ideal for welcoming guests into your home. Carpet feels great underfoot and is usually absorbent too.
  • Easy cleaning: Clever


The best mats according to your needs

  1. Best indoor commercial entrance mat

The best indoor mat for use in a corporate or commercial setting adheres to the Building Code of Australia. If they do, they will be fire resistant, non slip and ultra absorbent. They will also be 1.8m minimum in length.

Ideally, your entrance mat will be large enough to allow 4 steps per foot for an average-sized person. So, 8 steps in total, which is about 1.8m.

Example: Ultimate Building Code Compliant Absorbent Entrance Mat


  1. Most absorbent door mat

The best absorbent door mat to use inside is made from polypropylene. Polypropylene is extremely absorbent, but non-porous, so will not smell after continued use. It also does not lose its colour over time.

We always recommend a non slip backing for any loose-laid mat. Alternatively, you can fit the mat into a recess, which is ideal for the best water absorbent mat, because the recess helps hold in the liquid. 

Example: High Absorbent Reinforced Rubber Backed Mat


  1. Best indoor shoe-scraper

Although we recommend absorbent mats most of the time, you might only need a scraper. If you have carpet, you might want something that will remove dirt more thoroughly than carpet-surfaced mats. Loop pile is great for gently scraping shoes, and the best mats will hold onto the dirt until you get a chance to clean them.

It is particularly important for your mat to be a great scraper if it’s your only line of defence. I.e. you do not have an outdoor door mat too.

Example: PVC Loop Pile Mat with Non Slip Rubberised Backing


  1. Best washable indoor door mat

If easy washing is your main priority, you might want something you can chuck in the washing machine. Most mats can be vacuumed or cleaned with a pressure hose, but thin and flexible mats that are machine washable are always easier.

This is ideal for homeowners that expect light traffic levels and want a thorough, hands-off clean periodically.

Example: Nylon Twist Pile Rubber Backed Mat


  1. Best indoor door mat for dogs

Even worse than dirty work boots are muddy paws. The best mats for cleaning paws will do so without your pup noticing. Absorbent carpet-surfaced mats that also gently scrape shoes and paws are ideal for homes and offices with four-legged friends.

If your dog gets particularly dirty, we highly recommend pairing your indoor entrance mat with an outdoor one.

Example: Ribbed Pile Polypropylene Mat


  1. Best non slip indoor door mat

Rubber is the best non slip material available, but your mat can be made from a combination of materials. A carpet surface will absorb liquid, keeping floors dry and slip-free. A rubber backing will prevent slip accidents caused by a mat moving underfoot.

Carpet-surfaced rubber-backed mats are the best indoor front door mats for schools and museums because keeping the public and pupils safe is a facilities manager’s top priority.

Example: Hex Pattern Entrance Mat


  1. Best eco-friendly door mat for indoors

There is almost always a sustainable option, no matter what type of mat you are looking for. Coir is a fantastic mat material made from the husk of coconut shells. It is one of the best materials from the environment because it is a by-product of the coconut industry.

If the husk is not made into coir, it will usually end up in landfill. Although coir matting is more of an outside mat, many of our customers love them inside their doorways too.

Example: Coir Scraper Mat with Woven sides


How to find the best indoor door mat

As with any mat, there are ways to be sure you are paying for great quality. Use this checklist below to make a confidently informed decision.

  1. Read reviews

Hearing from past customers is one of our favourite ways to find out whether a company can be trusted. A quick search online should bring up a majority of positive comments about a company and the specific product you are looking at.

Remember to take reviews on a business website with a pinch of salt, as these are often uploaded by the business. Third-party review sites like Yotpo, Trustpilot and Google offer an impartial view, and the best of those also verify that reviewers are actual customers.


  1. Check product warranties

To protect their reputations (i.e. avoid bad reviews), manufacturers often cover their products with fixed-term warranties. That means, if the product becomes faulty or stops working during this time, you can get it repaired or replaced for free.

Manufacturers that create high-quality products protect their reputation and their customers by offering generous warranties. If a business offers no warranty at all, that should be a red flag!


  1. Look for guarantees

Like warranties, guarantees offer assurance that what you are buying is likely to be high quality. Fixed-term money-back guarantees let you try out a product with confidence, as you are protected from that terrible feeling when you open a parcel to realise you’ve been misled.

As well as guarantees, check the company’s returns policy. This is good practice for buying anything online, but particularly when buying high-cost items.


  1. Ask for samples

Companies that value their customers and respect their industry will be happy to provide samples. It is better for everyone for you to have as much information as possible before you buy, which is what we aim to provide right here.

Samples are small sections of actual products that can be checked over and compared in person. They are often in catalogue form, along with labels, so you can easily flip through and find the corresponding product online.


Find the perfect indoor mat

The best mat for inside your front door is absorbent, non slip and great at removing dirt from shoes. If you are still confused, we would love to offer more personalised advice.

Our team of friendly matxperts can be reached online using the chat function below. Alternatively, call 1300 628 746 or email [email protected].

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