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A doctor in a white lab coat holds a red stethoscope. The blog header reads Medical Anti Fatigue Mats: The Ultimate Guide.

Medical Anti Fatigue Mats: The 2021 Ultimate Guide

It’s no revelation that doctors and nurses get tired. Being on their feet all day dealing with sick people is bound to be exhausting. As well as constantly feeling like they want to take a nap, medical staff that stand all day are prone to muscle fatigue and pain.
4 months ago
Coconuts can be seen close-up. Blog header reads Can You Keep Coir Outside.

Can you keep your coir doormat outside?

There are few things coir can’t do. It looks great. It cleans shoes SO well. Our favourite thing about coir mats is that they are great for the environment. Coir is a by-product of the coconut industry, and it would sit in a heap to biodegrade if it wasn’t used.
4 months ago
An apple sits on top of a stack of books with other schools supplies surrounding. The blog header reads School Logo Mats: The Ultimate Guide.

School Logo Mats: The Ultimate Guide

It’s back to school time and you’re ready to welcome the kids back in the safety and security of these strange new times. But all the hand sanitiser and facemasks in the world won’t protect your children from slips, trips and falls, so forget about checking in and lay some mats.
4 months ago
Eco-friendly mats that aren't recycled plastic

Eco-friendly mats that aren't recycled plastic

Working in an industry that deals with consumer goods, one of our biggest concerns here at Matshop is making sure our products contribute as little as possible to the world’s environmental crisis. With many of our items made from rubber and plastic, keeping our business environmentally friendly instead of harmful can be quite the challenge.
4 months ago
A close up of a rubber office mat with holes for drainage fills the image. The blog header reads Rubber Office Mats: The Disadvantages.

Rubber Office Mats: The Disadvantages

Many of our customers come to us asking for our most durable solution, which is almost always a rubber mat. Sometimes, on investigating their needs in more detail, we realise they don’t need a rubber mat at all, because the most heavy duty solution is not always the best.
4 months ago
Building blocks spelling the word 'BRAND' are being placed in a vertical tower by a hand. The blog title reads How to Boost Sales with Branded Logo Mats.

How to effortlessly boost your sales with branded logo mats

f you’ve ever walked into a big business’ reception, you might have been amazed by the smart front desk and big branding behind it. Corporations spend huge amounts of money on giving clients and customers the right first impression because we all know by now that first impressions last.
4 months ago
A child is shown with their hair standing up from static electricity. The title of the blog reads How to Stop Getting Electric Shocks.

How to Stop Getting Electric Shocks At Work

t’s a weird one, electric shocks. Sometimes it’s funny to give your friends and family a static shock, but a full-blown electrocution from the clouds can be deadly. One thing’s for sure, though: however big or small an electric shock is, it is never useful to get one at work.
4 months ago
Socked feet are shown propped up on the radiator. The title of the blog reads How to Keep Warm in a Cold Office.

How to Keep Warm in A Cold Office

As winter has us under its spell, it can be hard to remember what it felt like not to shiver as we step outside. Luckily for us Aussies, the cold months don’t last long, but sometimes that means we neglect the heating in favour of keeping spaces cool.
4 months ago
A man is working at a standing desk. The blog header reads What are the Benefits of a Standing Desk Mat?

What are the benefits of a standing desk mat?

They’re something of an icon in the 21st-century corporate world, but they’ve been popular from as far back as the 1400s. Leonardo Da Vinci loved to use them and now so does much of working Australia. If you’re not sure, we’re talking standing desks.
5 months ago
A roll of mat tape sits on top of a blue and yellow background. The blog header reads How to Stop Floor Mats from Moving.

How to stop floor mats from moving

There’s nothing worse in life than a floor mat that won’t stay in place. OK, maybe there is, but shifting mats are pretty annoying. Obviously, the best way to stop your floor mats from sliding around is to buy a non slip one to begin with. If you’ve already purchased your mat, though, you still have hope.
5 months ago