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How to Clean a Doormat

A new doormat can give your entranceway a new lease of life, but let it get old or dirty and it might have the opposite effect. Some people get confused how to clean a doormat, but usually it’s because they don’t realise how easy it is.

To keep your doormat fresh and functional, make sure you clean it regularly. How often you should clean it depends on what it’s made of, the quality and the amount of footfall it sees. Generally, we recommend thoroughly cleaning coir or scraper mats at least once a month In between cleaning your doormat, you can give it a quick shake or hoover to freshen it up.

It’s quite simple, how to clean a doormat, but we have made it even easier with this simple 4-step method.

How to Clean a Doormat [INFOGRAPHIC]

An infographic detailing the steps to clean a doormat. The 4 step guide is written in plain text below the image.


How to Clean a Doormat [Textual]

1)    Give it a Shake

Shaking all the loose dirt and debris off your doormat will make the later cleaning steps much easier. To maximise your dirt-removal efforts, use a broom or large stick to beat the mat.

2)    Vacuum The Rest

Any visible dirt leftover after shaking can be sucked up by the vacuum. Make sure you do this after a good shake – we don’t want you to damage your vacuum!

3)    Lather and Rinse

Now for the fun part. You can use a special carpet cleaner, but we find bicarbonate of soda works just as well. Create a paste by mixing it with water, or follow the instructions on the bottle, and scrub hard into the carpet. Don’t be shy, you need to get up a great lather The mat can then be left overnight to soak up all the clean goodness. The next morning, use a hose or a few buckets to completely rinse away the cleaner. If you are using soap, make sure you pour the excess down the sink – the environment will thank you!

4)    Dry and Enjoy

Once you’ve rinsed your sparkling doormat, leave it out in the sun to dry. If you don’t live somewhere sunny, a dry airing cupboard will work well. Wherever you dry it, make sure you hang it up so the water can run off.

How to clean a doormat

Cleaning a doormat is pretty straightforward, but it does take time. Removing as much visible dirt as you can at the beginning will make the later cleaning stages easier and quicker. Start by cleaning your doormat once a month, but make sure you shake or vacuum it more frequently. After some time, you will be able to work out how often your mat needs a clean – if it’s getting really dirty in between then you might need to double up your cleaning days. If you think you’ve got the cleaning of your doormat to a T, check out our guide on another mat-related annoyance: stopping them from moving around the floor.

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