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The best chair mat for a heavy person

And what to look for in your perfect one.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder or a member of the 7ft club, living in a larger body comes with difficulties. From aeroplanes to football games, tasks as simple as finding a seat are extra difficult for a heavy person.

One hurdle that smaller people don’t have to face is making sure mats, ramps and steps can support your weight. With most of us working from home more often now, ergonomic DIY workspaces are in high demand.

Along with their chairs, foot stalls and monitors, many people have reached out to us asking for the best chair mat for a heavy person.

So, here is our list of features to look for in a chair mat. These apply to anyone wanting a great quality chair mat but are particularly important if you’re on the heavier side.

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What a heavy person should look for in a chair mat:

1)    Sturdy material

Hands down the most important feature to look for in a chair mat is a sturdy, supportive material. If your chair is leaving dents on the surface of the mat, it isn’t protecting your floors very well.

This is particularly important for larger people, so our advice is to read the reviews of the product you’re buying and ask questions if you’re not sure. Usually with chair mats, you get what you pay for, so we don’t recommend stinging out on chair mats.

2)    Ideal thickness

The ideal thickness for a chair mat for heavy people is around 3mm for hard floors and around 8mm (5mm without studs) for thicker carpet. Thinner carpet is somewhere in between. If your chair mat is too thin, it won’t provide enough support – that one’s obvious.

Something less obvious though is that it can be too thick for your use. If the edges are much higher than the floor, then it will be too hard to wheel your chair on and off its surface!

Constantly bashing at the edges of your gaming chair mat while head-to-head in a boss battle will damage the edges and weaken its structure, which brings us on to the next point…

3) High-quality cut and edges

If your mat is for an office chair, it needs ramped edges. You need to be able to wheel on and off easily without damaging the floor or the chair. The more weight on a chair, the more damage it can do to a floor or mat, so this is even more crucial for heavy people.

You should be able to choose the shape and cut of your chair mat, so if you want it to fit under your desk or cover a large area, your provider should be able to do that for you. If you aren’t given the option to select your cut, it is probably a lower quality mat.

4)    Suitable backing

Chair mats are generally categorised depending on the surface they are made for. Chair mats for carpet are covered by grips on one side, that dig into the carpet and hold the mat in place. Look over the grips to get an idea of their quality. You can usually tell if they will work or not based on their size and shape.

Tiny round balls will not grip a carpet very well, so slightly jagged or pointy grips are usually better. Chair mats for hard floors, on the other hand, should be smooth on both sides to prevent scratches and nicks.

5)    Nontoxic materials

Many of the cheaper chair mats on the market are made using toxic plasticer materials such as BPA and Phthalate. These are known to damage internal organs including the reproductive and cardiovascular systems as well as causing developmental problems.

Not only are BPA and Phthalate toxic to humans, but they release unpleasant smells that can cause headaches and nausea. Anyone looking for a chair mat should look for BPA- and Phthalate-free products that are made ethically.

6)    Warranty

The best way to be certain that a chair mat – or any product – is likely to be good quality is to look for a guarantee by the manufacturer. Companies that believe in their products offer guarantees: a free trial, a warranty, a money-back guarantee. If they can offer assurance that they are going to deliver a great quality product, you can believe them more easily.

Our best chair mats for heavy people

If you’re worried about your chair mat supporting your weight, here are some of our tried and tested high-quality chair mats. Check out what our most recent happy customers had to say about their high quality!

Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Carpet with Underlay

Heavier people need thicker, more durable chair mats. That’s why this one is top of our list for the best chair mat for a heavy person on carpet. This is an 8.4mm thick chair mat for use on carpets over 12mm thick (including underlay). If you are looking for a chair mat for a residential building, you probably have an underlay so should choose this mat!


Did the job, still in good condition 1 year later


Super tough, but soft to the touch. Easy on the carpet below. Hardly visible. Non-slip. Fast delivery.”

Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Carpet Without Underlay

If you need a carpet chair mat for a heavy person with a thinner carpet, this is your best option. Commercial buildings often have thin carpet tiles with no underlay, so the perfect chair mat for these is thinner but just as durable. This is 6.7mm thick, allowing chairs to effortlessly glide on and off without causing damage.


Mat shop provides superior floor mats that last years.”


The mats have made a huge difference in stopping the carpet piling and also the divots caused by the chairs. They seem to be good quality and thick enough to do the job required.”

Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Hard Floors

If you’re a heavy person with a hard floor, this durable and heavy duty chair mat is perfect. It is designed to be top quality, so won’t crack or bend. We are so confident in its ability to protect your floors and support your weight that we offer a 12 (yes!) year warranty. The edges of this mat are bevelled to allow easy chair-rolling and the non slip back keeps it in place on the floor.


Excellent service, great quality product, delivered promptly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”


Chamfered edges so chairs roll smoothly over them without any issues. Very hardy material. The keyhole shape allows tucking them in further under a desk, but still allows enough cover to prevent scratches to the floor from boots or when parking the chair under the desk.”

Find your perfect chair mat for a heavy person

All our chair mats are high quality and guaranteed to last. We deliver them flat, so they are ready to go as soon as you receive them – no waiting for them to unroll! If you’re ready to buy, browse our selection and order online today.

If you aren’t sure which type of mat is best for you, our friendly experts are always happy to help you find the perfect solution. Reach out to them using the chat function or give us a call on tel:1800572169.

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