Gym Mats

Gym floor mats keep your equipment going strong.

Gym equipment placed directly on the floor tends to gather dust easily, shortening its lifespan. Add people constantly dropping weights along with general wear and tear and you’ve quickly racked up a huge bill in constant replacements. Gym floor mats help you extend the life of your machines while keeping the gym safer, quieter and cleaner.

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Rubber gym mats absorb the noise of dropped weights

If your gym is full of weight-droppers, the noise can be very annoying. Even if it’s not, sometimes even the most considerate gymgoers forget or ignore the general piece of gym etiquette. Rubber mats absorb loud noises and make the overall experience of going to the gym much more pleasant.

Gym mats protect Australians

As well as keeping your machines in working order, gym mats absorb the impact of people’s workouts. Many strength-building exercises and cardio movements put pressure on the joints, so a soft floor is vital for protecting them from injury. Compound movements like squats and deadlifts are not only safer but also more effective when performed on a more flexible surface.

Rubber floor mats for gyms and other workout areas

Commercial gyms are the main customer for gym mats, but there are other spaces that need them for the exact same reasons. Functional training spaces such as CrossFit and F45, school gymnasiums and home workout spaces can all benefit from the noise and impact reduction that gym floors mats bring.