The Loose Unit Door Mat
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The Loose Unit Door Mat

Mathhop was given a challenging assignment from 2DayFM’s Dan and Maz producers on February 11 2014, a custom made door mat to be given to Maz as a housewarming gift delivered within 4 hours.

With our standard lead time being 2 – 4 weeks on the custom mats range this didn’t look hopeful on paper – then the Matshop culture of excellence and extreme customer service kicked in!

Interested to know just how this came about?

With this exciting brief before us the Matshop team rolled up their sleeves to show that they can make what seems to some impossible - possible. A big thank you to everyone from our sales and customer service team that took the call and said yes: without you, we wouldn’t have been given this thrilling project.

Our graphics team that produced the artwork and then set to work on the printing set up. The production team that basically dropped tools and gave this assignment top priority and reshuffled the daily workload for it to run through the printing process ahead of everything else. Quality control that checked and approved it and sent it on to despatch who then packed it up ready for the big journey. And, last of all, our delivery guy who delivered the mat just in time for the show.

At Matshop, our staff live and breathe the company culture and their dedication to excellence is what makes the company successful, we cannot thank them highly enough for pulling together to make this happen and a big THANK YOU to all the stars at 2DayFM that entrusted this to us – we are truly grateful.

The feedback from the show senior producer was very gratifying:

"Thank you so much again – the mats are AMAZING and Maz loved them!!!"

These mats make a great housewarming or wedding present and our consultants would be happy to discuss your individual design and needs.

So, if you have an out of the ordinary request or maybe you want a mat for your doorway or around the building, Matshop is here to assist you in every possible way.

Listen as Maz receives her “The Loose Unit” Door Mats

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