A ute tray is lined with a rubber mat. The blog header reads The Best Rubber Ute Mat.

The Best Rubber Ute Mat: 2023 Edition (Australia)

What your ute tray needs from a mat. Plus, how to choose the best one.

If you regularly transport items in your ute tray, a rubber mat is the best way to prolong its life. Your car is the centre of your work and family life, so it makes sense that protecting it is your priority.

As well as damaging valuable tools and other items, jumping onto a ute tray with no rubber matting can cause injuries. Over time, regularly working in the back of an unprotected ute can cause muscle fatigue, joint pain and a sore back.

In the shorter term, slips, trips, and falls from the back of a ute can be deadly. Even without added water from rain or spills, a ute tray without non slip matting may not provide adequate traction against your boots.


The best mats for ute trays

The best ute mat is one you can rely on to protect your vehicle and the items in its tray. There’s a huge range of available products, but one stands out as Australia’s favourite:

Ute Mat Liner with Holes

This ute tray mat is consistently voted Australia’s best because it encapsulates everything you need for your vehicle. It is guaranteed to prevent damage to your tools and other items, but most importantly, it protects you, your workers, and your family from harm.

This mat is covered by an industry-leading 7-year warranty, meaning it’s guaranteed to last at least that long. This is a great indicator of a quality product, as frequently replacing mats within this time costs manufacturers heavily.


Benefits of the Matshop ute mat liner include:

  • Traction: Rubber offers the highest level of slip resistance available. This mat also has suction cups specially designed with utes in mind. The cups use a vacuum system to grip the ute tray and hold the mat perfectly in place.
  • Weatherproofing: Rubber is naturally waterproof, but this mat has also been treated to provide UV resistance. Harsh weather conditions will not cause this mat to deteriorate.
  • Grease resistance: The greaseproof rubber is resistant to grease and oil, so it won’t deteriorate over time. Spilt building materials and oil will not reduce the lifespan of this mat.
  • Comfort and safety: The 10mm thick rubber is perfect for absorbing the impact of heavy objects, tools, and machinery. The springiness also protects your knees and joints when climbing or working in the back of your ute.
  • Water drainage: This heavy duty rubber ute mat drains water effectively, protecting your ute tray from rusting. 16mm drainage holes and small channels allow water to quickly flow off the back of your ute.
  • Easy cleaning: The ute tray mat with holes can be cleaned very easily. It is resistant to mild chemicals, so detergent and water does the trick perfectly. A hose or lightly pressured washer will also work.
  • Custom sizing: Available in standard or custom sizing. This ute liner can be made to your vehicle’s requirements. For
  • Easy alterations: If you order a standard size, but realise later that it’s a little too thick, you can easily alter the size of this mat. This is a cost-effective alternative to custom sizing if your measurements are just slightly off.


What to look for in a ute mat

If the ute mat with holes is not for you, we can still help you. Here are some of the features you should check for in your search for the best ute tray mat in Australia:

  • Cushioned material: A soft and springy material absorbs the impact of heavy items, preventing them from damaging your ute tray.
  • Non slip properties: Both sides of your mat should be non slip, to keep the mat in place on your ute and to keep the items in place on top.
  • Drainage holes: Your ute tray will get wet from time to time, so the right mat will need to channel water away.
  • Reputable brand: If a supplier is good, their products will be too. Looks for an established brand that offers great support alongside quality products. You can get a feel for a brand’s reputation by reading impartial reviews on websites like Google, Yotpo, and Trustpilot.
  • Guarantees: If a mat manufacturer believes in their products, they will be able to reassure you. Money-back guarantees, lengthy warranties and commitment-free test periods are great examples of this. A company willing to provide samples is also more likely to have faith in its great-quality products.


How to find the best ute mat

We love helping our customers find the perfect matting solutions, but we will always offer impartial advice to anyone that needs it.

For a more personalised recommendation for your ute tray, get in touch. As always, you can reach our friendly team of matxperts using the chat function below. Alternatively, call us on 1300 628 746 or email [email protected].

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