Animal Egress Matting for Fauna

Animal Egress Matting for Fauna

Ute Mat Liner with Holes

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Covered by a 7 year warranty, the Heavy Duty Rubber Ute Mat Liner With Holes is a UV resistant, grease proof, durable matting. Small suction cups on the underside of the mat work to keep the mat in place while there are holes to allow for water to flow through to prevent corrosion. This matting can easily be trimmed to the correct size or shape.

This Durable Heavy Duty Rubber Ute Mat Liner with holes is designed to be used in the back of Utes, trucks or vans. The textured surface pattern provides a high level of traction and works to prevent items from slipping. The holes on the surface are approximately 16mm diameter and are linked by very small channels that provide great drainage. On the underside of the mat is small suction cups that work to adhere the mat to the back of your vehicle and keep the mat off the surface to allow moisture to pass through to prevent it from causing the back to rust.

Made from Heavy Duty Natural rubber, this version is thicker than other options to provide a longer life. The mat can be easily cut to size or trimmed to fit around objects. This mat is fully water resistant and can be left outdoors. 10mm thick

This Ute matting can be easily cleaned with a hose or scrubbed with a mild detergent, rinsed and left to dry. Full details of how to keep this clean are available in the cleaning instructions tab.

Please note, this product is made to order ships within 5 business days.