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Saving money by buying the right kitchen mats

The health and safety inspector has come into your kitchen and you have been issued a “to-do” list to improve safety around the premises and one of the items is rubber safety mats!

So, where do you start? Initially, your first instinct may be to go on the hunt for the cheapest possible fix so that you can continue to run the kitchen with minimal outlay as you have just spent up big getting the place looking as great as it does, right?

Well, we are going to pass on a few suggestions that will save you money in ways you may not have thought. So while other kitchens are spending their hard-earned profits on regular budget kitchen mats, you are set up with a safer cleaner and more cost-effective mat for years.

The secret is by using a mat that is made from 100% Nitrile Rubber and contains an anti-microbial compound. This is because 100% Nitrile rubber is the only material that is grease proof and will resist oils and fats found in fryers, grills and splatter areas or any other area in the kitchen.

While other products with a percentage of nitrile rubber may seem like they will pass the test, it will soon be evident why they just don’t live up to their promises!

The anti-microbial compound prevents bacterial growth in the mat and also prevents other organisms from breeding or thriving, this means fewer chemicals are required and also creates a healthier kitchen area. To make it easier for you we have placed a simple and easy to follow comparison chart below.  

Issue Nitrile Anti-Microbial Mat Budget Rubber Mat
Light Weight Making them Easy to move                    YES                    NO
Withstands grease and fats in the kitchen                    YES                    NO
Prevents bacterial growth                    YES                    NO
Can be machine washed                    YES                    NO
Flexible rubber so will not split or crack                    YES                    NO
Non slip underside that prevents slipping                    YES                    NO
No small ledges for food to get caught                    YES                    NO
Will not leave marks on kitchen floors                    YES                    NO
Can be folded for easy movement                    YES                    NO
No odour so safe to use in confined areas                    YES                    NO
Contain no toxic additives for food areas                    YES                    NO
Stands up to kitchen cleaning chemicals                    YES                    NO

If you would like to save yourself money and time and create a healthier food preparation area purchase your own mats today.

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