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4 Problems with Logo Mats: By Variety

When you might want to reconsider using these types logo mats.

Custom logo mats are one of the most effective, low-maintenance marketing campaigns you can find. Just lay or install them once and you have a long-lasting, durable advert for your brand (that also protects your employees, customers and loved ones).

But, like any type of mat, logo mats have their disadvantages. We have covered the different types of logo mats previously, but some of our customers need more information on what not to choose.

As always, we are committed to offering the best possible advice to anyone looking for floor matting. So, here is the 4 varieties of logo mat with problems you should bear in mind.


  1. Coir logo mats

Coir is one of the most sustainable mat materials you can find. It’s made from coconut fibres, which are a by-product of the coconut industry. So, they are essentially made from waste material.

The disadvantage or coir logo mats is that its fibres come away from the mat, a process called shedding. Shedding is annoying to clear up and can make slip accidents more likely to occur.

Synthetic coir options are a great alternative, but we do not currently offer these as custom mats.


  1. PVC-backed logo mats

PVC backed matting is not ideal for anyone looking to prevent slips, trips and falls. This is because it doesn’t offer the same level of friction that a rubber-backed mat does. This disadvantage is true of all PVC floor mats, whether they are branded or not.

To work around this issue, recess your entrance mat or swap it for a rubber-backed mat. Check out this article to help you decide whether a recessed mat is right for you.


  1. Customised anti fatigue mats

Custom printed anti fatigue mats are rare, but they offer a great hybrid between branding, comfort and safety. There are few disadvantages of these, but we currently do not offer any that can be used in wet areas.

If you need to showcase your brand as well as a wet area anti fatigue mat, we suggest using a combination of a carpet-surfaced entrance mat and an anti fatigue mat with holes. The carpet mat will dry shoes before they leave or enter the room, as well as promoting your business.


  1. Brand Activation Mats

Brand activations tend to have a limited run time, so you don’t need the mat to last forever. They also often need more colour combinations per single mat, as they showcase a new brand logo.

Because of the high number of colours per mat, brand activation mats do not last as long as others. This is true of logo mats in general, the more detailed a picture you need, the shorter the mat’s lifespan will be.


Choosing your logo mat

It gets confusing knowing which mat to choose, whether to include your logo and whether you want it laid loose or not. To choose the perfect logo mat, you need to prioritise your options. Check out the Logo Mat Buying Guide for a more detailed overview of our logo mats.

Our friendly team of matxperts are also available to answer your questions and provide personalised recommendations. As always, you can reach us on 1300 628 746 or at [email protected].

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