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How to protect the ground, lawn or grassed area from heavy machinery.

Do you have a project or task to move heavy machinery across a delicate surface such as a newly turfed lawn? Do you need to get a vehicle to the other side of your golf course? Or perhaps you are digging graves at a cemetery and you could potentially cause damage to the surrounding grassed area? When faced with an assignment like this Mat Shop makes it easy to complete these jobs safely and efficiently by simply placing down the ground protection track mats before commencing.

Each of the Ground Protection Mats has been designed for ease of handling, storing and placing. This is due to the clever design that incorporates two handles on each side so that it encourages a two-man lift and sling or pinning holes on every corner that hallow the mats to be lifted by crane and then used to pin the mats to the ground. The unique design and construction of these mats have been developed primarily as a ground protection solution and work to protect all native surfaces. The heavy duty, high-density material is designed to withstand traffic from wheeled (including skid steer) and tracked loaders (both metal and rubber-tracked) and is suitable for use in external environments as it is UV resistant. Unlike other budget track mats, these mats are insulating to prevent damage and scalding to the ground underneath.

Both sides of Matshop's bog mats are covered with a specially designed tread pattern which provides superior levels of traction in all environments and weather so are ideal for use anywhere from the desert to the tropics or even in a mangrove swampland. Available in three sizes, the 600 x 2400mm mats are an excellent option for anything from a skid steer loader or tracked excavator to a b double truck, 900 x 2400mm track mats are a step up for slightly wider machines or vehicles and can even be used as a pathway for pedestrian access and the largest size 1200 x 2400mm is the most popular option being so versatile as it is designed to accommodate small to large machines and vehicles, this size option can be also crisscrossed to provide an even more sturdy surface. To view the entire ground protection mat range simply order online or call our sales team for further information on 1300 MATSHOP (1300 628 746).

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