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How to keep your door mats functional and effective for their entire life

The main purpose of a front door mat or entrance mat is to remove moisture and debris or dirt from shoes. This works to protect your floor coverings inside the building and creates a cleaner and healthier internal atmosphere. As you can imagine mats are subject to a very tough life. As most mats are designed to trap moisture and debris or dirt in the mat to prevent it from being tracked into your building, it is important that you have a regular cleaning program in place to maximize the life of your mats. Grit and dirt that is trapped or collected in the mat works as an abrasive cutting the carpet pile, this occurs when traffic passes over the mats. Effective matting systems are designed to draw the soil off your feet as they pass over and channel it down to the base of the fiber to prevent it from being tracked into the building by the next visitor. Unless this is extracted correctly the abrasives will work at the base of the fiber causing the mat to wear. No matter how durable the mat is in place (people often talk about high traffic mats, and now very high traffic mats!) the only way to get the most out of these mats is buy regular dirt extraction. The most effective way to remove the soil is through a powerful vacuum with a brush driven head. The brush head of the vacuum is important in this process as it agitates the carpet pile and allows the captured dirt to be release and then extracted, depending on the traffic volume into your building this should be done as frequently as daily in high traffic entrance ways. Water spray extraction method is also a great way to increase the life of your carpet surface mats, however it is important that any detergents used are recommended by Matshop and the mat is completely dry and no detergent is left behind. Finally, to remove spot stains or marks that appear on the mats, these can be attended to by a spot clean method. Do not pour any solvents or chemicals directly onto the carpet surface as this may cause fibers or the backing material to break down.
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