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Do you need a mat under a treadmill?

The benefits of treadmill mats, and what to look for in a great one.

If you are buying a treadmill, you might have heard of something called a treadmill mat. Treadmill mats sound like an optional accessory, but they are a crucial piece of equipment for many people.

If you have a home gym with proper flooring (note: rubber), you can skip the treadmill mat. Everyone else, though, this is a necessary expense. So, why do you need a mat under a treadmill?


The benefits of treadmill mats

Treadmill mats are similar to anti fatigue mats. They are made of thick, durable rubber that has a huge range of benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. Absorb noise

One of the most important benefits of any gym flooring or matting is its sound absorption properties. Gyms are naturally loud places, and dropped weights, jumping feet and general noise from a large group of people are all a recipe for noisiness.

Rubber matting absorbs the noise from all of the above, making gyms a much more pleasant place to work out. This also helps protect you from complaining neighbours. If you live above even one other apartment – this one is critical for you.

Running on a treadmill might not seem like the noisiest activity in the world, but the continual thumping of your feet against the belt will quickly irritate your downstairs neighbour(s). A treadmill mat is critical for even their mental health alone.

  1. Protect the floor

Just like treadmill mats absorb noise, they absorb impact. Depending on the type of workouts you enjoy, dropped weights and high-impact movements can damage floors over time.

In the same way, treadmill mats protect your floor from the impact of a heavy machine being pounded by adult human feet. The constant banging can cause dents, scratches and even structural damage if your floor is not properly protected.

Assuming you don’t already have rubber flooring, a treadmill mat will protect you from hefty fines, poor references and eviction. Even if you own your property, a treadmill mat will prolong your floor’s life – saving you money in the long run.

  1. Protect the treadmill

As well as prolonging the life of your floor, a great treadmill mat will keep your machine lasting longer. Most standard floor types have cracks and crevices that dirt and dust inevitably settle in.

The steady pound of feet against the belt causes that dust to stir, and if the underside of your treadmill is right above, it won’t stay dust-free for long. Regular cleaning of the treadmill is a great way to remove this dust, but the right mat can keep them out longer in the first place.

A rubber anti fatigue mat is the perfect solution to constant cleaning and a broken treadmill. Just remember to clean the floor underneath periodically too!

  1. Keep the treadmill in place

One of the most important benefits of a treadmill mat is that it prevents the “walking” that is common on hard floors. Rubber’s most popular quality is that it provides slip resistance. It is such a good non slip material that we stock non slip mats made from just rubber.

As a treadmill is used, your movement creates tiny vibrations throughout the machine. Those vibrations cause the whole machine to shift over time, letting it ‘walk’ across the floor.

A non slip rubber mat creates friction underneath the treadmill and keeps it in place for longer. That is important anywhere, but particularly in small apartments or gyms with multiple machines side by side.


How much does a good treadmill mat cost?

Treadmill mats cost anywhere between $25 and $700. As with all mats, you get what you pay for. A great treadmill mat is likely to cost upwards of $200, depending on whether you need additional features such as grease resistance, water drainage or a logo.

The best treadmill mats have solid surfaces to prevent dust and dirt from pooling underneath the machine. They will offer a good level of support without being spongy like standing desk mats are. Also, the right mat will provide slip resistance to prevent your treadmill from walking.

All our anti fatigue mats can be used under a treadmill, but we particularly recommend the Ribbed Surface Closed Cell Foam Anti Fatigue Mat or the Durable PVC Surface Comfort Mat. These are extremely comfortable mats that aren’t so soft they compromise your balance.

You can place a treadmill on top of either of these anti fatigue mats and they will provide the perfect protection for your floor, your treadmill and your downstairs neighbour’s sanity.


The best mats for under a treadmill

As we mentioned, having rubber gym flooring is ideal for any gym. We don’t sell rubber gym mats, so we’ve posted this article on where to find them in Australia. If, however, you want the benefits of rubber flooring without fitting your entire room, get in touch.

The right anti fatigue mat underneath your treadmill will provide all the same benefits. A treadmill mat will protect your machine from dust and dirt, preventing it from moving around and absorbing the sound and impact of even hardcore sprints.

For help choosing the perfect mat for your treadmill, or more advice on all your matting needs, get in touch. You can reach our lovely team of matxperts using the chat function below or by calling 1300 628 746.


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