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Best chair mat for carpet Australia: 2023

The best carpet chair mat Australia has to offer. As voted by you!

If you work at a desk, you are probably looking for a way to protect your floors from chair castors. Chair castors damage every floor type, but we’ve already told you about the best ones for hard floors.

So, here is the best chair mat for carpet, as decided by you: the people of Australia. Later, we will explain why this mat receives such great reviews, and how to choose the perfect one.

As always, our advice is honest and impartial, so our tips can be applied to non-customers and customers alike.


Australia has voted. The best chair mat for carpet to buy in 2023 is:

Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Carpet With Underlay

A red office chair with castors sits on top of a transparent chair mat for carpet.


What are you saying about it?

“Came back for a second mat for another room. These chair mats are top quality, sturdy yet comfortable to roll around on. Fast delivery and great service!”

“The best chair mat. Excellent quality chair mat. It’s thick, solid and is incredibly sturdy, and a very worthwhile investment. It arrives flat meaning you can use it immediately, which is brilliant.”

“So much better than the rubbish one I had before. I previously had a PVC mat from [CENSORED] which cracked and started falling apart within 6 months.”


But why?

There are 6 reasons this is Australia’s best chair mat, which we have listed below. But, there are a few things you need to know about them before you can make up your mind whether you agree that this is the best:


What’s the difference between mats for hard floors and carpet?

There is one thing that differentiates carpet chair mats from hard floor ones: grippers. Hard floor mats are smoother on both sides, as their slightly textured surfaces create traction with the very smooth floors.

Grippers are small studs that line the underside of the mat. They dig into the carpet fibres and hold the mat in place. Without grippers, the mat would ‘walk’ across the room and cause constant frustration.


Why are there different mat thicknesses?

Depending on the thickness of your carpet, and whether you have underlay or not, you will need a thicker or thinner chair mat. The best chair mat for thick carpet needs to be slightly thicker, or it will crack when weight is applied.

Thinner carpet tiles laid directly onto concrete are rare, but some office buildings do have this type of flooring. Thinner chair mats are better for thin carpets without underlay as they are easier to roll your chair on and off.


Why are these Australia’s favourite chair mats?

  1. The most durable chair mat for carpet

You might have noticed our industry-leading warranty of 12 years. We offer the longest warranty in Australia for the simple fact that our chair mats will last that long. For more information on our warranties, check out the terms and conditions page.

This is the best desk chair mat for carpet, as it protects your floor longer than any other available.


  1. The best office chair mat

Offices particularly love these chair mats because they are transparent. By camouflaging with your flooring, these mats protect it without changing the style of the room. Even in client-facing areas, these mats blend right in.

You can also cover your entire working space with one custom-size chair mat. But more on that later.


  1. The best value chair mat in Australia

Our chair mats are a little more expensive than others. But their 12-year warranty guarantees you to save money in the long run. A little more of an investment now means you won’t have to shell out anything for at least 12 years.

Compared with replacing your mat every 6 months as mentioned in the review above, that’s a huge cost saver.


  1. The only custom-sized chair mats for carpet available in Australia

Something very special about Matshop chair mats is that can come custom sized to fit your space perfectly. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all in business, so there shouldn’t be with your chair mats either.

No other chair mat supplier offers a custom-sized option. Just send us your measurements and we will get to work creating any shape you need in any size up to 1835x15000mm.


  1. The only sustainable chair mats for hard floors

We are extremely proud to offer the best office desk mat for anyone wanting sustainable floor protection. We have partnered with JK Plastics to create Australia’s first recyclable PVC chair mats.

These are Australia’s only recyclable chair mats.


  1. The best gaming chair mat for carpet

This mat isn’t just the best office chair mat for carpet, gamers love it too. While our carpet-surfaced chair mats are most commonly used for gaming, they only work on hard floors. If you’re a gamer with carpet, this is your floor’s best protection against chair castors.


Choosing the perfect mat

For a step-by-step guide to finding the best office chair floor mat, check out this page on how to choose the right one. This includes instructions on measuring your carpet and which mat to go for according to your measurements.

It’s important to get these right as your warranty will not be valid if you put the wrong mat on your floor. If your mat is too thin for the carpet it is laid on, it will crack as soon as you roll your chair on it. If your mat is too thick, it will be a pain to roll on and off.

Please remember that very thick, plush carpets do still see some movement. This is because we cannot make grippers long enough for very high pile – they would be dangerous to handle.


Still confused? Let us help

At Matshop, we don’t just pride ourselves on offering the best quality products. We also strive for excellent customer service every single time. When you call, email or chat with us online, you are always talking to a real person.

Our team of friendly matxperts are specially trained to help you find the best mat for your application. As always, you can reach us at [email protected], by calling 1300 628 746, or by using the chat function below.


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