A chair with castors sits on top of a PVC chair mat on white tiles. The blog header reads Best Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors.
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2023’s Best Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors: Australia

What to look for to protect your floors from chair castors.

We are absolutely delighted to share the news that Matshop’s PVC chair mat is officially Australia’s favourite. If you’ve been here before, you know we are committed to providing impartial, unbiased advice. That will never change.

There are 2 main types of chair mats: carpet chair mats and chair mats for hard floors. There are also 2 types of chair mats for hardwood floors: carpet-surfaced and PVC. The best chair mats for hardwood floors depends on your needs. 

  • Carpet-surfaced chair mats are absorbent and non slip mats with a plush surface and a rubber backing. They have a low profile and are ideal for gamers and anyone that likes to eat and drink at their desk.
  • PVC chair mats are the most common type, and they are completely transparent. This makes them inconspicuous, which is preferred by many corporate and office-based customers.


This is the best computer chair mat for hardwood floors. As voted by you:

Heavy Duty Custom Size Chair Mat for Hard Floors

The best chair mat for hardwood floors is one that protects it from chair castors.


What are you saying about it?

“The quality of my mat was evident from the get-go. This is not a flimsy thing that will wear quickly. Its large size protects my floor without looking unsightly.”

“Didn't want to buy Chinese having checked the quality and price at a major retailer. Did some research and found this company and both the service and the product are excellent.”

“This mat was recently bought to protect a hardwood floor in the Study at home. After perusing the offerings from the mass market, I looked further for better quality and found it here. Whilst the price was a little bit more like-for-like than the mass market, I was convinced to give it a go once I read that these mats were delivered flat, not rolled. It doesn't disappoint; it looks and feels like it was built to withstand the castors and they don't mark it, it sits on the floor properly and doesn't slip about scratching the polish.”


So, why is this the best office chair mat for hardwood floors?

  1. The most durable chair mats on the market

The number 1 reason our customers are so happy is the excellent quality of our chair mats. They are guaranteed not to crack or curl. As soon as you unpack your chair mat – which is delivered flat to save you from unrolling it – you will see what we mean.

We are so confident in our chair mats' longevity that their warranty covers them for 12 years. That’s the longest warranty in the industry, and proof that these chair mats will outlast any competitor.

Any mat that cracks or curls will be replaced within this time frame. Please note, this does not include instances of improper use or purposeful damage.


  1. The best-looking hardwood floor mats

These are the best chair floor mats for hardwood because they maintain the style they are protecting. While an opaque mat alters the look of your floor, a transparent chair mat blends right in.

We also offer a choice of shape for your mat. Keyhole shape is most popular, as it has the small protruding ‘lip’ that slots under your desk where your feet go. The squared shape is also popular, which is more of a rectangle, depending on the size you go for.

If neither of these appeal to you, we also offer custom sizes (more on that later).


  1. The best value chair floors mats

While these chair mats are a little more expensive than others, they are by far the best value. You might be able to pick up a cheap chair mat for as little as $40 elsewhere, but you will keep paying that amount every 6 months due to the poor quality.

If you pay $40 every 6 months for the 12 years these chair mats are guaranteed to last, you will have spent over $1000 by the time you need to replace your Matshop chair mat. The slightly bigger upfront payment saves you time and money.


  1. The only custom-sized chair mats for hardwood floors available in Australia

The best desk chair mat for hardwood floors fits your application perfectly. That’s why we offer custom sizing for when you need something bigger. As many of our customers are offices and commercial buildings, there are often multiple desks that need mats.

Lining numerous mats up next to each other is not a sensible way to protect a large space. Custom-sized chair mats can cover any area up to 1200x15000mm. Just give us your measurements and we will your bespoke chair mat.


  1. The only sustainable chair mats for hard floors

Chair mats aren’t typically sustainable. They’re almost always made out of PVC, which is infamously difficult to reuse or recycle. Glass chair mats do exist, but they have to be very thick to avoid cracking, so we don’t recommend them.

That said, we are proud to produce Australia’s only recyclable chair mats. Our chair mats also last a lot longer than cheaper alternatives. While you pay a little more upfront, it’s an investment that will save you multiple times over its 12-year warranty-protected life.

It’s not something we like to brag about, but it’s always something our customers are delighted by. Just one more reason why these are Australia’s favourite chair mats.


How to find the best hardwood floor mat for your office chairs

Although our chair mats are the best, we are still committed to providing the best advice possible. That means we are happy to help even if you don’t want to buy our products. If you do choose to go with another supplier, make sure you look for the following:

  1. A great reputation

If a mat provider has a good product offering, they will have a great reputation too. With the level of transparency we now expect from retailers, it’s not hard to weed out the bad ones.

Read the best chair mat for hardwood floor reviews on impartial websites like Trustpilot, Google and Yotpo. These give a solid overview of what real people think about a business, rather than only showing the reviews the retailer wants to be displayed on their website.


  1. Long warranties

A great way to buy your mats confidently is to check how long their warranties last. The longer, the better. A warranty reflects the minimum amount of time a business expects a product to last, so shorter ones indicate less confidence in quality.

No warranty at all? That’s a big red flag.


  1. Returns and guarantees

Similar to warranties, you can tell a lot about a business from their returns policy. A lengthy money-back guarantee implies that few customers are unhappy with their purchase. A no-questions-asked returns policy means you can change your mind, but you probably won’t.

If you are guaranteed to get your money back during a certain period, you can think of your initial purchase as a ‘free trial’ period.


  1. Helpful customer support

Customer support should be a priority for any good business. If you struggle to reach a real person, or you are constantly being misled or ignored, the company you are dealing with may not truly care about their customers.

An inability to provide great customer service might suggest an inability to provide great products.


Can’t decide? We can help

Unlike carpeted floors, there are 2 options for hard floor chair mats. Whether you prefer an absorbent non slip mat or an inconspicuous PVC one, we can help you make the right decision.

As always, you can reach us using the chat function below. If you prefer the more traditional routes, email [email protected] or call 1300 628 746.

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