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Why are Anti Fatigue Comfort Mats used?

Many business owners and managers often ask “why it is beneficial to place mats at packing areas, picking lines, reception counters, checkout’s or other areas where staff are going to be standing for extended periods of time”. The main reason is for the comfort and safety of your staff not only momentarily comfort but for many years to come. Standing on a hard surface for extended periods of time has both short term and long term effects. While standing the entire weight of your body is forcing down onto the soles of your feet. This means that as you are standing the blood flow in your feet is being crushed causing blood circulation to flow. This in turn causes your legs to become aching, and gradually spreads to the lower back. Reduced blood circulation is also the cause often of cold feet. By placing a mat between the shoe soles and the hard floor that you stand on provides a comfortable and buoyant surface. The feet move slightly and often unnoticed as you stand promoting blood flow through the bottom of your feet meaning a complete flow out and back into the heart. So why place an Anti Fatigue or a Comfort mat under your employees? The answer is simple; a safer and comfortable work environment is a happier place to be in. Your meet and greet staff at the doors won’t feel drained which customers notice, instead they will be greeted by a happy and warm welcome, the same goes with staff on the reception counter or concierge desk and at the checkout. They are an important and key player in your organisation – they are the face of the business. In warehouses however where tasks may be fulfilled behind the scenes there comfort and safety is still essential, a safer and comfortable working environment mean the staff remain alert and more productive, this could result in higher dispatch or production numbers.
11 years ago