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What size is a standard door mat?

And how to choose the perfect size for your door.

If you’ve had a browse through our site – and maybe even if you haven’t – then you might have noticed that most of our mats come in 2 sizing options: standard or custom. Custom sizing seems self-explanatory, but it can be confusing to know its limitations.

We also get asked about our standard sizing. Our standard size for a door mat is the same as the industry standard, which is likely to be the same across all mat suppliers in Australia.

So, what size is a standard door mat?


Standard Door Mat Size

The standard door mat size is 90cm by 60cm inches. This size is universally accepted because it comfortably fits in front of most standard doors (2040 x 820 mm x 35 mm). This applies only to rectangular mats.

What size is a standard door mat? This image shows the standard dimensions for a regular door mat.


Curved door mats, on the other hand, do not have a standard size per se, but the most popular sizes are also around 60cm by 90cm. Curved door mats tend to be a half oval shape – sort of a squished semi-circle. The straight edge is then long enough to go against the door.

What size is a standard door mat? Image shows the dimensions for a standard curved door mat.


The standard thickness of a front door mat

Door mats don’t have a standard thickness, because of the variety of materials they can be made from. Like their materials, they do a range of jobs – which need a range of different thicknesses.

The thickest door mats are usually made of rubber. Rubber door mats offer the best slip resistance and can also have anti fatigue and dirt-removal properties. Low profile mats, on the other hand, are purposely thin, so they can be laid loose without creating a trip hazard.

Coir mats are thick, but the coco fibres get crushed underfoot, as do carpet-surfaced mats. Both these types usually have rubber or PVC backing – something else that affects the height of the mat.


When to use a standard size door mat

If you are buying a front door mat for your home or small office, you will generally want a standard size door mat. An easy rule of thumb to remember is that if your door is standard size, your door mat should be too.

Likewise, if you want a door mat for double doors, you will want a door mat that is double the size. You could also go for 2 standard-sized mats – 1 in front of each door.

The optimal size also depends on where you plan to keep your door mat. If you live or work in a wet area, your mat will need more surface area to collect liquid as well as dirt. If it is kept outside without cover then that need is more intense.


When to go for custom matting

If you are in charge of building or maintaining a commercial or public building, you will probably want to use custom size matting. If you are looking for a mat to use in a school or hospital, you will need custom matting that covers the entire entrance.

Custom size matting does not have to be an expensive option. Non slip runners are great for long entrances that need some protection from slips, trips and falls. They come in a standard width that can be cut to your required length, making them a cheaper option.

It takes an average of 8 steps to remove dirt from the soles of shoes fully, so the longer the better with entrance mats. You might also want to double up with an additional mat on the other side of the door – one to remove dirt and one to absorb the water afterwards.


How long should my entrance mat be?

You’ve made the decision to invest in a doormat – congratulations! You are well on the way to a cleaner floor and a safer door. There are some things you need to decide, though. Colour and design are all very important factors, but perhaps the most important thing to decide is how big to go.

The infographic below shows the ideal length for a door mat: 1.8metres. This length allows 2 steps per foot - the minimum amount needed for dirt removal.

An infographic showing the ideal length of an entrance mat.

Choosing the perfect size mat for your application

It can be overwhelming trying to work out what size doormat you need, but if you think you have a standard door then you can probably go for a standard door mat. Custom options are priced per job so you will need to get in touch for made-to-measure prices.

If you would like some more specific advice, or to take advantage of our measuring service, get in touch with the matxperts. They are always happy to talk you through your options and help you choose the perfect mat.

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