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What mats do you need for the perfect event?

6 mats you need at your next event.

If you’re planning an event, you might be starting to think about flooring. While your venue probably already has some type of floor or ground, your event’s needs will often require something more specialist.

Defining those needs is up to you – a wedding venue will need very different flooring than a tradeshow, for example. But, for every event, there’s a mat to match.

So, with style, safety and cleanliness in mind, here are 6 common mats you need to pull off the perfect event:


1. Entrance Mats

This one’s obvious, so we’ll start with it. You need entrance mats to keep your floors clean and your people safe. The right door mat will protect your attendees from slips, trips and falls while also removing dirt and moisture from their feet.

This is a win-win for everyone. Your cleaning efforts are reduced significantly, no one hurts themselves and – most importantly – you skip any potential messy lawsuit. We always believe that prevention is greater than cure, so recommend minimising hazards and dirt to start with.

For a more detailed explanation of how entrance mats work, check out this article on keeping door mats inside or outside.


2. Anti Fatigue Mats

If you have people working at your event, you probably need anti fatigue mats. Bartenders, front of house and salespeople all need a comfortable and supportive surface to stand on. As an employer, you know you need to keep your workers safe, and the right mat makes that easy.

Human bodies are not supposed to be jammed into one position, but standing on concrete all day does just that. Anti fatigue matting relieves pressure on the joints and muscles, giving them space to make their natural movements.

Often, you will need anti fatigue mats and non slip mats in the same space. For these scenarios, get a mat that does both! One of the most common materials for both anti fatigue and non slip matting is rubber, so many products offer both features.


3. Logo Mats

It isn’t just the health and safety aspect of events that mats are useful for. Logo mats are a low-cost, high-impact marketing method that is critical for any great event. Make your branding the first thing they see on entry and the last thing they notice at the end.

Logo mats are perfect for brand activations and corporate events, but really any event that aims to educate, engage or surprise and delight can benefit from logo matting. Being on-brand and concerned for your patrons is a great look for your floor.

The marketing campaign that keeps working long after you lay it down. No other investment will keep your brand’s name out there as long as the right logo mat will. Plus, with Matshop’s innovative printing methods, your logo can outlast even the life of the mat itself.


4. Bog Mats

When you first thought of event mats, your mind probably went straight to one of the first items on this list. But, there’s another type of mat that is often overlooked.

Bog mats are essential for the setup and pack down of events on almost any ground. With concrete and bitumen being obvious exclusions, many ground surfaces cannot support the machinery needed to set up larger events.

Bog mats create a temporary road over grass and soft ground, letting trucks and tractors access the site without destroying the ground in their path. For more information on bog mats and their use, check out this article explaining what bog mats actually are.


5. Bar Mats

Most events have bars, even if no alcohol is served. Canapés, coffees and business lunches all make a mess of some sort, so bar mats are crucial for keeping the immediate area around them clean.

If you are serving alcohol or other drinks, bar mats are pretty much non-negotiable. They work on both sides of the bar to catch drips from drinks being made, passed and drunk. Without good bar mats, each sticky drip adds up to a disgusting-to-touch bar top.

Great bar mats have raised points to hold glasses while allowing liquid to drain underneath. Raised edges also hold any liquid until the mats get cleaned. For the best use, place absorbent bar mats in front of rubber ones to dry any remaining moisture from glasses.


6. Coloured Carpet Runners

The most obvious use for carpet runners is Hollywood events, but you probably aren’t planning one of those. White carpet runners for weddings are another popular one but, again, these are quite niche.

Carpet runners are a cost-effective option when you want a mat to cover a large area. Runners are sold by the metre at a set width, so we can simply cut the length you need instead of creating a new custom mat.

Coloured carpet runners are great for almost any event. Use them to make the stairs safer, highlight a walkway or just run along outside and inside areas to reduce slips, trips and falls.


Mats: the event planner’s secret weapon

You might not think so at first, but mats are a pivotal part of the event planning industry. Without the right floor, no part of an event can go right. Mats are necessary for almost every area of a great event: from the back of the bar to the front entrance.

With the right combination of mats, you can reduce your cleaning efforts, enhance your aesthetics and keep attendees and employees safe from slips, trips and falls. That perfect combination will differ between types of events, and this list is in no way exhaustive.

Reach out to the team for a personalised recommendation or for advice on any of our products. As always, you can reach us on 1300 628 746 or using the chat function below.

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