Wet Weather Mats

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Mat Shop manufactures a complete range of mats that are designed to remove moisture from feet and wheeled traffic as they pass over the mats. Whether you are looking for a solution installed into a floor recess or simply a temporary mat that can be rolled out when the rain comes down our complete range of mats includes a solution for your floor type, the volume of traffic that is going over the mats and also the amount of water potentially entering the building.

When choosing the correct door mat for the buildings entrance is it important to identify the following.

• What volume of traffic will pass over the mat on its busiest day
• Where the mat will be positioned, externally, internally, outdoors under cover or exposed to all the elements or indoors completely away from blow in rain
• What is the floor surface the mat will be placed on, porcelain tiles, terrazzo, polished concrete, raw concrete, slate, marble or will it be recessed into the floor
• Will water get under the mat
• How to you intend to drain or dry out the mat
• Where will you be storing the mats
• Who will be placing the mats down when adverse weather is predicted

Commercial Entrance mats are broken down into three different traffic categories. High Traffic (typically large Shopping centres with at least one major retailer or a large school with over 500 students) Medium Traffic (for example a neighbourhood shopping centre service station or a restaurant) and Low Traffic (this would be a small corner store or takeaway shop).
Our door mat ranges for buildings have backing patterns suitable for different floor surfaces. We have backing options that suck down to prevent moving around on smooth and shiny floors, raised backing pattern to prevent the mats from aquaplaning if water gets underneath or grippers that grab into carpet to prevent movement or the mats walking as traffic moves over the mats.
It is important to make sure that the mats are completely dry both on the carpet surface and underneath prior to rolling and storing the mats. If you have an area of the building that is large enough to hang the mats to dry this is an ideal way to make sure they are ready for the next service however if not it is recommended that you select an matting option that will dry through natural evaporation. This means that as the wet weather stops the mats can be left out for a set number of days to dry out then rolled up and stored to ensure they are clean safe and ready to use during the next predicted rainfall.
Last of all storing the mats is just as important as making sure that you choose the right mat. Mat Shop supplies rolling accessories that will prevent the mats from being warped or damaged when stored. This means that if you follow the easy to follow storing instructions that mats will be ready immediately for use when it rains. They will not be warped or rippled.

What the most effective entrance mat in action here!

The Most Effective Entrance Mat

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